October 25, 2009

10 Musical Thoughts, v.?

First, wishing Morrissey well. Don't leave us now!

Much of the Spandau Ballet redux album is quite good, including Only When You Leave, Gold and To Cut a Long Story Short.

Robbie Williams seems wiser now - matured in to a real person at 35. The Body Double remix of Bodies is tremendous (I really dislike the single version) - and it's on US iTunes too - a rare treat.

Sting believes we choose our parents. This pleases me. That interview is one of the best he's done, by he way, because the writer is fearless. "You're confrontational!" he tells her.

The Right Thing, the closing track of the new Alphabeat album is like crack. Total 90's joy. It reminds me of the summer I had to teach a 30-min aerobics class (just one time) for a grade. One track I recall using was Crystal Waters' Gypsy Woman.

The Rihanna song is not bad, it's just not something I want to play again and again. Simple as that.

If I were Frankmusik, I would actually tone down on the next record and put the voice out front more forcefully. I really feel like not releasing Vacant Heart was a mistake in that sense. Vince, you have a fantastic, emotional singing voice... so bring it!

Cheryl Cole's song 3 Words with Will.I.Am - is superb. Really dark and unexpected. What I hear in it is the beginning of a love affair you know is going to end in total drama. It's a shame one gets the sense her album was rushed. But again, Nicola is the Girl I really want to hear do a solo record.

I cannot tell you how sick I am of this Ryan Tedder rock ballad/epic sound - like what Jordin Sparks does. That trend needs to end NOW because I tune it out the moment i hear it. Faux emotion with no personality. I think Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke need to be realistic that they are going to be compared. There are many people - Simon Fucking Cowell? - who want the latter to be a new version of the former.

Meanwhile, Adele - who Simon would have made snotty comments about - is doing her new disc with Rick Rubin, which I think sets her up for the long haul. Go straight to the top sweetheart.

Nerina Pallot has a new ballad called It Was Me. Please note that it's the piano version of the song (on the bonus disc version) that's literally a classic standard from the moment you hear it. Not the watered down LP version.


Doron said...

Totally agree on the Nerina front. Thanks for drawing my attention to the Robbie remix - it is very good.

johnog said...

Spandau's album is far better than you might expect when they could have just gone through the motions. Nerina proves there's not enough piano ballads in the world these days. On the Robbie remix - good but I'm bored of remixes when it's clear that 99.9% of artists have no input at all into who or how their track is mixed. It's almost artistic cheating. On Alex and Leona, they'll be compared but they're very different personalities and vocally also streets apart. And comparing the new albums suggests they're at different ends of the pop spectrum as well. On Cowell and Adele, I'd heartily disagree, he'd love her as that classical sound is his bag when it comes to what he listens to - just look at his outspoken support of Amy Winehouse's talent when she was getting stick from the tabloids. Still not getting the Cheryl album though Fight For This Love has grown enormously on me after at first detesting it - would agree the project feels horribly rushed.

John said...

I had no intention of checking out the SB disc, but I will do so now, as well as the Robbie remix. Sting will always seem pretentious to me, so one comment that I absolutely agree with will not change that. I am looking forward to hearing the whole Alphabeat CD, but I was bored with the Cheryl sampler that I heard a week ago. If Rubin can do for Adele what he did for the Gossip, it will be nominated for Album of the Year. The fact that the Gossip haven't broken through here is a travesty, and seeing them live last week drove that fact home.

Ryan Tedder needs to join Kanye for an extended break. Please.

zen~ said...

The Body Double remix of 'Bodies' is superb. Reminds me of an epic FGTH production by YouKnowWho. Love the drawn out intro. Did Trevor do this remix? Like the pun on Body Double (the extended mix is pretty much the single x 2).

I am well impressed with the Spandau album. I know some blogsters have accused Tony et co of being dangerously middle-of-the-road, but what the hey! They ARE middle-aged men, and the reversions are workable and sound like they'd hold up well live. 'To Cut A Long Story Short' works well with the piano and strings replacing the original rubbery bassline. Lovely.

Paul said...

I'm pleased that one version of the Robbie song has won you over. Elements of the album are fantastic.

I'm obsessed with all of the new Alphabeat album but will now go back and pay particular attention to the last track.

Re: the Ryan Tedder sound. I think it will die out fairly soon. Unfortunately I think it may be too late for Leona's single and album, though I find Happy quite lovely. Alexandra's album is surprisingly good - and I really actively disliked her :/ So i've been won over. Leona needs to do a cover of Lisa Stansfield's In All The Right Places. Epic.

Nerina is a goddess. Literally.

DanProject76 said...

I've been playing the new Alphabeat today. At first I was unbothered but it's grown on me already. Kind of tlike the single did.

re those X-Factor chicks, is Alex the fast song version of Leona or is Leona the ballad version of Alex? I say "meh" to identikit pop by committee and anything involving Satan Cowell is avoidable, I will stick to my creative individual pop thanks.

DanProject76 said...

One other thing: The Spandau thing reminded mew to mention the Alison Moyet 25 Years album with the 2nd disc of live session updates of old songs. It's bloody marvellous stufff!

D'luv said...

The new Rihanna song is bad. You just haven't let go of the denial yet.

Matt said...

The Aeroplane remix of Bodies is good. Dreamy.

Ken said...

I have to agrree with D'Luv, the Rihanna song is bad. Not what I expected for a comeback single.

I'm happy that I wasn't the only one who like 3 words. Still, I'm not convinced with Cheryl's solo career as of the moment. Give me Nicola or Nadine anytime and I'll take it.

and Nerina Pallot's 'It Was Me' is one of my favs. I just wish she gets pop music exposure as others do. Her music is so damn good. :)

Adem With An E said...

I've only listened to the Rihanna song once so... No real desire to go back to it either? Who knows, it might grow.

Who would Nicola work with??!! Could you imagine?! I actually think the next single after 3 Words should be Parachute, but I think it might end up being "Stand Up", sadly.

I Get Excited blog said...

Got the Robbie album and its fantastic. The Body Double remix of Bodies is terrifyingly good, and there's several other potential singles there. I'm really impressed.