August 11, 2009

XO Meets a Press Release: Mr Hudson

Here is an orchestral version of Mr Hudson's new single Supernova. If you don't know the original version, with Kanye The New Jesus West, check it out at iTunes.

Mr Hudson Supernova (Orchestral Mix) FREE!

I have to admit something: I don't love the album version of this song. I think it's just fine, whereas the previous track, There Will Be Tears, had some gravitas to it. I think the pairing of West and Hudson is intriguing, but I'm getting angsty about having an album of Ben Hudson's lovely voice autotuned to death.

The lush picture above is another story. It's deluxe.


Anonymous said...

The orchestral version is... better - but highlights my pet hate of the song - why oh why oh WHY does he do those horrific forced notes in the chorus? it always sounds so strained.

hmmm. I liked the library - the keyboard player was immense - saw them twice at glasto one year. awesomeness.

John said...

To my ears, "Supernova" just feels like a number one song. This is the kind of song that you WANT to hear Casey Kasem talk up to, with the drumroll, and then just take in. The bridge to the final chorus just oozes chart-topping potential.

Which means it probably won't even break the Top 40.