August 19, 2009

Patrick Wolf has a think

Patrick Wolf has finally apologized for his violent onstage behavior at a festival last week on Germany (read this if you missed it). While I still think he needs to learn to control his emotions, I also did not expect such a long message. I did some incredibly stupid thing at the exact age of 26, so... Anyway, here is the end:

I'm sorry if any people got in the way and I hope you can forgive me for causing any damage due to excess negative personal emotion. As you heard or saw, the audience was encoring for almost half an hour. My next album is about hope and romance and love, so I will bring you a bunch of bright red red roses and a box of After Eights next time from a helicopter when I see you all. So, a summary: major miscommunications backstage x lack of sleep due to very busy schedule x singing many songs about battling x an intense education from the extreme parts of London nightlife/wildlife/streetlife as a teenager x Steve Strange going on very late x a full day of cameras flashing and questions x being 26 years old and should have known better = bad wolf
Kind of a mixed message. Read it in full at The Quietus.

It's very disconcerting to watch an artist behave so differently from how you perceive them via their art and, like I have said, this is not the first time he's gotten this angry. Patrick is putting the finishing touches on The Conqueror, the album he alludes to above. One song, Together, sounds like one of the most uplifting songs he has ever recorded.


Brad said...

I'll say it:

I don't think he's good enough to be that much of a diva.

xolondon said...

No one is. He is v talented but it has gone to his head. The test will be the album he has to fully fund himself. No more $10,000k soloists.

small squirrel said...

still. a. douche.