August 15, 2009

Paddy McAloon, the last romantic

Read the first review of Let's Change The World With Music from Word Magazine's Paul du Noyer. This record is a fan's dream because it is essentially a "lost album" recorded in 1992 and 1993 after the fantastic Jordan: The Comeback. Paddy and Calum Malcolm tinkered with the tracks last year to ready it for release on Kitchenware on September 7. The album was actually inspired at the time by Quincy Jones, Prince and gospel music.

Listen to song clips on Amazon UK

My early response is that aside from Let There Be Music (below), standouts include the vaguely religious Ride, Music Is A Princess, Earth: The Story So Far, Last Of The Great Romantics and Angel of Love.

Be sure to read SproutNet for more news on Prefab.


Myfizzypop said...

Along with Deacon Blue, Prefab Sprout were one of the cooler bands (debateable for DB) that I liked whilst at school. Oh sure everyone liked hot dogs jumping frog, but there was so much depth and beauty in their albums that I couldn't stop playing them. This sounds positively enchanting... Can't wait!!

Marie Tueje said...

Ah, Jordan: The Comeback. What larks, pip! The fact that it is a 'lost' album sounds a little more promising. Not sure the genius of the lad McAloon can truly stand up to the tortures of 2009.

BTW - Swoon is my favourite debut album of all time. Fact.

xolondon said...

Ahh Marie, I already knew you had good taste and this factoid confirms it!

Jason R Fisher said...

Gave the samples on Amazon a listen and first off, this sounds really great! It seems very much a 'sequel' to 'Jordan: The Comeback'.

Also, I can't believe how similar are tastes are sometimes but I totally concur that the standouts are precisely the ones you mentioned. 'Meet The New Mozart' also seems promising to me.

Add this to the Must Purchase list.