August 11, 2009

Mixtape: This is like a flashback, this is like a dream

First, this piece of deluxe:

That's Calvin Harris's out-next-week track Flashback. More 90's goodness?

Sensitive Welsh types: Extremely Handsome Singer
David Gray has a new single out called Fugitive, so start wobbling your head now. It's not yet sticking with me.

Madonna's Celebration (Extended Oakenfold Dance Mix) is FAR superior to the single mix.

My Mozipedia has arrived and I shall geek out with it for endless hours. The cover is amazing. First tidbit learned: The Smith's instrumental Oscillate Wildly (a favorite) is NOT an Oscar Wilde reference at all.

What is about @MarinasDiamonds that reminds me of Annabella Lwin of BowWowWow? Both cute, stylish and cool.

Listening to the Wham Rap mix (Fresh Groove) at @siart Funky Friday Party Pack.

For those who spy on me at LastFM, I reset the whole f'ing thing. So, for the time being, my lists will be skewed to current stuff. I hope it will even out over time, but it was really messed up before I reset it. It said Patrick Wolf's Tristan was my most played song. No.

Which reminds me that I am tiring of Patrick Wolf's visual shtick. Just sing us these beautiful songs without all the overbaked Jobriath looks! (was that mean? I suppose so.)
He does look good on the new Ion Magazine.

Q: Where is Poster Girl?

Q: Where are The Pipettes and why is Gwenno doing solo shows now?

Q: And why can we not yet purchase a new Dangerous Muse song or see a new video? Seriously, have they not had long enough to launch their album?

I was about to ask "Where is Annie?" but amazing producer Paul (Florence, Jack Penate, etc) Epworth tweeted last week that he is finishing up her album now.

@ademwithane is doing a whole series of reviews of Madonna's albums. The debut is here and Like A Virgin is here.
Adem has gone a bit (whispers) crazy-ass on Madonna in the past month, so keep an eye on him. He is teetering into Madonna body tattoo art zone.

I admit: I do not for one hot minute understand the allure of Jordin Sparks. I hear nothing unique. She could be any autotuned girl singer, which is ironic because she can sing.

I admit: I still don't like the Sugababes song, Get Sexy. But I hate the Right Said Fred, so there ya go. Bring us a real song, Babes. Example: I expect About A Girl to be a hit.

Poor Frankmusik has been dragged up and down the pole on Popjustice Forums. In '09, making an album is like running for President: Humiliation ending in tears. Fans get used to the early versions of songs and leap to cry "Sell out!" when they hear the mix meant for the public.

A few more Frankmusik comments: I had bno idea the Re-Complete Me bonus disc is actually 10 separate tracks that run together like Madonna' Confessions album; I thought it was one long track. I've also been thinking that he is the one person who could cover her Live To Tell. But he needs to keep the melody intact.

Paparazzi caption: "Madonna with Jesus at the airport in Zaragoza" You cannot make up this shit.

LOVED @trixie 's Torchwood /Gareth interview especially the "We almost get swept away" bit

I still think Mika's new song is a Cockney squealfest. I prefer the Chipmunks version!

Minor note re Facebook. I sometime get friend requests and ignore them. I decided awhile back to try and keep FB more personal and use Twitter, Last FM and the blog for music/public stuff. Not that I won't change my mind, but if I ignored you, don't take it to heart!

Finally, I cannot leave the house until Roisin Murphy's new Demon Lover is released. BRING IT or bring food.


Adem With An E said...

Bang on about the Extended Oakenfold Dance Mix. Such a bloody shame that it's actually a fanmade one :( It's just so grand during the choruses towards the end.

Thank you for the link love, am really happy people have been enjoying them. Yes; Extreme Madonna Appreciation Mania is very much underway at the moment, but no tattoos! My mother would have me killed! ;)

Adem With An E said...

Oh, and I'm completely with you on the 'Demon Lover' comment. It sounds majestic...

countpopula said...

The Patrick Wolf CD FINALLY hit US stores today. I saw the vinyl version--beautiful, and so much more detailed art.

Cannot wait for Roisin's next move...she should strike before Annie gets geared up.

Vinny Vero said...

Jobriath! LOL I wasn't expect that the show up anywhere. Fabulous quote of the day.

John said...

Wham! never fully leaves the room, do they? I was playing a remix version of "Last Christmas" out this time last year. Yeah...I was in a weird place at the time. LOVE the 'Babes choice for single #2, and I was just wondering where PPG is, too.

Matt said...

Have you seen Princess Patrick's lil hissyfit diva tantrum?

xolondon said...

He's a dick Matt. A talented person with anger problems and a robust sense of entitlement. How many things did he throw at her? I hope she calls the police.

Matt said...

I want to grab him by the face and say "Youve got a bunch of albums with a HANDFUL of great tracks sweetie. THAT's IT! That's all." We shouldn't even forgive him for 'Vulture' but...

I'm tired of the celebration of 23 year old brats who are self-proclaimed "wunderkinds". Over it!