August 3, 2009

Kings of Convenience FINALLY return

Kings Of Convenience last released music in 20o4, in the very early days of this blog. Finally, they are releasing their new album Declaration Of Dependence on October 2nd. The first single is called Mrs. Cold (hear it here) and you can also stream new tracks Freedom And Its Owner and Riot On An Empty Street (strangely, that's the name of their last LP) here and Boat Behind here.

The tracklist is as follows:
1. 24-25
2. Mrs. Cold
3. Me In You
4. Boat Behind
5. Rule My World
6. My Ship Isn’t Pretty
7. Renegade
8. Power Of Not Knowing
9. Peacetime Resistance
10. Freedom And Its Owner
11. Riot On An Empty Street
12. Second To Numb
13. Scars On Land

For those who don't know KOC, they're two 30-somethings from Bergen, Norway, who debuted in March 2001 with a gorgeous acoustic album called Quiet Is The New Loud. One of them (Eirik) is a psychologist and the other (Erlend) dabbles brilliantly in electronic music in his solo career. Together, they're like an uber-hip Scandinavian Simon And Garfunkle. Everybody says that, but all you have to do is hear their early single Winning A Battle, Losing The War (below), to get it. KOC released their second album, Riot On An Empty Street, in 2004, leading with the wistful bossa nova tune Misread - a song that, despite its biting lyrics, was so airy you could see through it. That album also contains one of the most romantic songs of the 00's, Gold In The Air Of Summer. I still get goosebumps from that songs.

Kings of Convenience Winning A Battle, Losing The War:

Kings Of Convenience

Check out my analysis of their first two album covers here, in a souped-up post from June 2004.

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Matt said...

Yay! I've heard rumors about this album for awhile now and it's finally gonna happen!

Big fan of KOC and Erlend, so much that I wrote a song about him: 'Johnny X. Lost His Girl (to Erlend Oye & the World)'!

hee it is:

One of 2009's most anticipated albums, at least in my house!