August 22, 2009

John Taylor's country mansion lifts him closer to God

News this week that we all became old enough to watch Duran Duran slowly morphing into The Rolling Stones. At some point, wrinkly sexpot Mick Jagger, whose daughter Georgia is predictably now a model, will surely have to stop flicking his tongue and shaking his creaky hips at stadium audiences. Duran, who have been doing shows in Russia recently, seem poised to step in. They're not the Stones, sure, but they still seem to have some creative juice and can most likely maintain erections. Ponder it.

John Taylor, my favorite Duran, who is married to Juicy Couture founder Gela Nash, appears in the new Vogue (US) magazine at his country pile... a la The Lady Madonna Ritchie, circa 2005. Simon LeBon's ageless wife Yasmin is also pictured in the first photo above. It's such a cliche to be papped at your estate playing cricket, croquet or badminton, but at least these accents are real.

John's pad is somewhat deluxious, yes? Almost as nice as mine. Here is what he says in his always-entertaining website blog about the English countryside:
I love my patch of country life. The smells, the sights and the sounds, which all conspire to nourish and nurture me. I feel much closer to God here.
I would too in that canopied bed. Seriously, I get the sense that John Taylor is one of the few truly nice people in rock music. I think we all need to help John pay the mortgage by buying Duran's upcoming special edition of Rio, complete with live DVD.

See a full set of pictures at Vogue


Myfizzypop said...

love the garden party/croquet picture - it's all very british but looks rather decadent at the same time!

Dan said...

I agree - it's very decadent! I would love to be surrounded by that but would hate to have to clean that much house. But then again, if I could afford a house like that, surely I could afford to pay someone to clean the toilets and the cat hair out of the corners.

xolondon said...

Yes, I think you would have a maid. Hell, my unemployed friend still has one! That article inspired me to into my garden /patio and weed for the last hour. it is bloody humid.