August 17, 2009

Imogen Heap, First Train Home v.1

Imogen Heap First Train Home:

In Immi's own words via Twitter:

Today you're going to see 1st FTH video (the one we did a few weeks back). You may understand why I've filmed another since. Had fun on the day. It all seemed like it was going to work out but the parts didn't quite make the promised sum.

The video is director Es (PSB, Kanye) Devlin's first. Imogen took a chance and it looks great to me, especially the ellipse theme based on the tunnel that runs the circumference of the round house where she recorded the album. I particularly like the part at 2:40 where large Immi watches small Immi running in the circle. My only quibble? The flesh colored corset makes her look topless. Great neckpiece though.

Another version of First Train Home is due soon. See the post above for samples from the new album.

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