August 17, 2009

Imogen Heap, Ellipse Player

A hot summer night's surprise...

Imogen Heap, Ellipse streaming player

Album out August 24/25.


countpopula said...

Thanks so much for this! After first hearing, I have to admit that she may just have created her first real masterpiece. That being said, I don't really hear many "hit" singles per-se, and while that video may be the director's first attempt, it's a bit uncomfortable to watch, so if she wants to get played on video channels, shooting another one is a good move. Why is it that there is so much overthinking and computer animation going on in videos that only drive the budgets skyward? This is such a beautiful song, and I personally would have preferred natural lighting shots of her walking alongside traintracks in a field in an effort to capture her and her music in a more organic way. After all, the instrumentation has enough artificiality to it.

The album is really quite special, and there are some utterly fantastic moments (Earth's reliance on her voice, the build of Swoon, Bad Body Double's wordplay, A-ha's surprises, Half-Life's beautiful melody...I could go on), and I cannot wait to hear this in CD quality, as RCA are being smart and giving it a list price of just $11.99. There will also be a deluxe version with a bonus disc of instrumental tracks (not sure if it's the whole album) for a few dollars more. It may be worth it, especially seeing how so much of the record is generated with sampled sounds from her voice. Now we know why this album took so long...can we now say "studio genius"?

KulPop said...

After a quick listen I have to say I'm somewhat disappointed with the record. A lot of 'sameness' to the songs, no stand out tracks really. I'll most likely buy it anyway as I believe in Imogen as an artist, just feel 'Ellipse' is lacking the creative spark and originality that made 'Speak For Yourself' one of my all-time faves. Maybe after repeated proper listens to the cd I will change my opinion.


xolondon said...

Oh no! Well, keep listening!
I felt that was about First Train Home and have since decided it's a keeper.

The album is very much an Imogen album - no massive leaps, but I think there are some standouts, like Wait It Out, Tidal, Bad Body Double, A-ha and Between The Sheets.

Zoe said...

Just have to write to say thank you so much for posting this - have been listening to it several times a day and have ordered the album from - will be faster than waiting for it to hit Australian stores (if it even makes it at all!) It's definitely one of those albums that grows on you - some songs that didn't do much for me initially (Swoon, Bad Body Double) I think are great now, but it's still hard to pick between Wait It Out, Tidal and Between the Sheets as my favourite.