August 5, 2009

Florence's drumming sound throws her to the ground. Literally.

Florence + The Machine's new single, Drumming Song, may very well be my Song Of The Year. It somehow manages to have rhythm, soul, multiple choruses, AND an unexpected, uplifting all-male vocal harmony that starts to creep in around 2:45 and builds gradually to the close. Like her last single, Rabbit Heart, Drumming Song also has an anthemic chorus:

Louder than sirens
Louder than bells
Sweeter than heaven
And hotter than hell

But the video is informed by this section, a sort of "B" chorus, that is one of the most beautiful moments in music this year...

As I move my feet towards your body
I can hear this beat it fills my head up
And gets louder and louder
It fills my head up
And gets louder and louder

Florence + The Machine
Drumming Song:

It's sort of like a gaggle of hyper Druid Britneys. Or maybe Wiccan Britneys? Whatever, the most genuine dancing comes at 1:28ish ("it gets louder and louder") when she's stomping in the middle of the girls. And foot fetishists should take note of her shoes. Florence
talked to XFM about her bit of interpretive dance:
I never ever thought I'd be doing a dance routine, but I love dancing. In the last video [for 'Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)'], we kind of tried to do a dance routine, but this one is proper moves! I actually get on the floor, there's crawling, there's body popping, there's spinning... Everything.
The video is a kitchen sink of influences, but one assumes the video treatment had this sentence: And then we stumble into fangirls of Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman, run amok in a church.

Last thought: If the New Moon people don't put this, or the even more appropriate Howl, on their soundtrack, someone should be fired.


Brad said...

Definitely a deserving candidate for Song of the Year--I cannot believe how incredible she proves to be with each coming move.

Aussie Golfer said...

Coulnd't agree more. Majestic track.

Adem With An E said...

Wow. I'm in love.

Anonymous said...

Comparisons with Britney do Florence a disservice really - she is more la bush that la Spears... give the girl some credit!

(nothing wrong with Britney, but florence is special...)

see: Wuthering Heights...


Vinny Vero said...

Front runner for best song I've heard from Florence. Really love it. And she can dance in those high heels. That's entertainment! Just ordered my copy of the CD.

Paul said...

loving her entire album, mostly thanks to you :) It is all quite marvelous. Love the video for this - not what i was expecting at all.

xolondon said...

I agree that Florence is more Kate than Britney (and in this video she is very Kate at times), but I am not sure Kate did a choreographed dance number with anything other than one or two dancers, so it seemed more Britney or Madonna in that sense.

countpopula said...

Very nice post! Spot on about the possibility of a New Moon tie in!

zen~ said...

Florence really is 'hotter than hell'. At times I wish for more quieter moments from Flo' on the album, but when she whips you into a musical frenzy as any song on the album takes flight, the adrenalin really starts going.

James Derek Dwyer said...

Celtic Woman meets Beyonce.