August 23, 2009

Florence, sweeter than heaven, hotter than hell

As of this moment, the song of the year for me Florence + The Machine's pounding Drumming Song (read my mini review). The single is out Sept 14 with the elegant cover above. Tracklists:

CD single:
1. Drumming Song
2. Falling (demo)
3. Dog Days (acoustic)

7" single:
A. Drumming Song (acoustic)
B. My Boy Builds Coffins (acoustic)

Digital EP remixes:
1. Drumming Song
2. Drumming Song (acoustic)
3. Drumming Song (Boy 8 Bit Remix)
4. Drumming Song (Jack Beats Mix)
5. Rabbit Heart (acoustic)

I am sorry to see her rumored studio recording of Beyonce' s Halo is not included. The physical formats will be out September 14, while the digital EP appears the day before.

Though Lungs has like 7 worthy singles, this is a perfect choice for fall. If you haven't seen the video,
watch it now.

Finally, I love how Florence's website literally breathes, though it's a bit creepy when you blog at 4am.

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zen~ said...

Thanks for that info. "Drumming" is definitely up there as one of the songs of the year, I have to agree. Though, is "Dogs Days.." considered a 2009 single or a late 2008, as I still hold that dear to my musical heart (and lungs!).