July 14, 2009

Mixtape: Music is saved

I think the above video of Siedah Garrett and The Agape International Choir doing Man In The Mirror, which she wrote, is a good way to sort of lay the Michael Jackson events down respectfully. It's an incredible performance - and her message at the beginning is kind. If you don't have them, I highly recommend two tracks she did as lead vocalist of Brand New Heavies back in '97: You Are The Universe and Day By Day. Incredible, uplifting songs that sound fresh today.

Clearly my computer is back in my loving arms. I had a hard time not being able to update my iPod at least once a day.

The Florence + The Machine deluxe album packaging is sublime and the extra tracks are solid, especially Falling, which showcases her softer side (and a lovely, sad lyric). That record is all I can play right now.

Duncan from Blue swizzles disco stick

It's been confirmed that the song Mika did with Imogen Heap is indeed on his album We Are Golden. See the single cover here (more 70's cartoony stuff) and the recent Observer piece. I like Mika well enough, I just don't love his music.

How many songs have sampled this Dennis Edwards track? Can you name any? Siedah Garrett sings it.

My LastFM lists are wrong-o, peoples. I may need to reset it. Tristan by Patrick Wolf is not my favorite or most-played song!

Prefab Sprout's terrible new album title and cover!
The release date is Sept 7 2009.

Imogen Heap
's First Train Home.
http://bit.ly/G5Z1F She seems to be getting more British, did you notice?

Both the new Sharkia (She Wolf, the one about water coolers at work) and the new Sally Shapiro remind me of Annie http://www.myspace.com/shap...

Just finished reviewing new David Guetta record in 125 economical words. Love DID take over and the second Kelly Rowland track is solid.
Until that's out, the July Instinct has my reviews of the US Little Boots EP and some other thing I forget...

Have decided the new Maxwell CD is gorgeous. The deluxe edition has a nice EPK. Here is an excerpt about my favorite song, Help Somebody.

aking bets that Madonna's new single Celebrate "interpolates" Holiday, that the cover of the hits record is an old, lame pic and that Gambler's not on the CD.

About little (or not so little?) sammytaylor: I flipped on BBC America last night and - voila! - his voice was wafting across the USA via Logo's Beautiful People series. Pick your arms up baby, fly.

Just got the deluxe edition of Trashcan Sinatras new CD and my name is in it as a contributor! I played harp and glockenspiel. But not really. I just paid a lot of cash money to get the special version.

has a new tune called We've Got Scurvy on the SpongeBob Squarepants Greatest Hits. No joke! My parents always said I was going to get that (eat your fruit and vedge...
). Cee-Lo did the theme song (stream it, geeks!). I have a theory that SpongeBob and his sidekick Patrick Star are lovers. I mean, that one is a pink starfish AND they always end up in their underwear! Just sayin'.
Adam Ant called from 1983 and he wants his look and sound back: http://bit.ly/1WtoMc Sorry, that was a pathetic Aniston reference. I like the Preston song, but THIS is the real thing, Desperate but not serious...
New Nerina Pallot song title: When Did I Become Such A Bitch

In case you did not notice, She & Him have covered The Smiths' Please Please Please for the new 500 Days Of Summer soundtrack. Out now.

Download a new Air song here: http://www.aircheology.com/ but be warned that Air are giving away said song because it. ain't. too. damned. good.

Very different sound for A Fine Frenzy on their new single Blow Away:. Safely, her new album cover takes a beautiful girl and makes her look harsh.

Are you following the Ghost of Jacko on Twitter? He is following me. I have my suspicions who this is, but it does add new layers of meaning to You Are Not Alone!

Finally, I find it weird that Madonna does her sound checks with some audience in the stadium. See Frozen below (I think she's holding back the full effect of the dancing):


monkeydrum said...

Egads. That Prefab Sprout title is as bad as the cover art. The previous albums are all so much more elegant.

I'm going to see Trash Can Sinatras in a few weeks, primarily to see Brookville who are touring with them!

John said...

No one speaks of Siedah Garrett, and that truly saddens me.

I remember the first time I heard "I Just Can't Stop Loving You", and I couldn't tell the difference in their vocals for the longest time. Sadly, that song doesn't hold up as well, but it is still a quality song. And that Dennis Edwards sample instantly comes to mind as the base for the TLC remix of "Unpretty (Don't Look Any Further)".

I need to give in to Florence, don't I? I do like the single, but haven't been driven to explore beyond that.

John said...

And then I go to Wikipedia and see that Siedah sang backup on Nick Kamen's single. That's just crazy.

Paul said...

That Siedah video and her performance are ultimately quite lovely indeed. I really like her version of it.

I am definitely in love with the Florence album. The deluxe packaging is definitely worth the extra spondoolies.

Sigh. Duncan is old news. I did him years ago :P I jest i jest (though my memory of my sluttier days isn't as good as it used to be so who knows!!)

I'm excited about the return of Mika, but then again I did absolutely fall in love with his debut.

It's Sam Taylor's birthday today :P

I like the Preston song. and Preston.

I love that Nerina title. She is LadyChatterley on twitter :)

xolondon said...

Monkeydrum: I will be seeing them in August!

Sandra, I mean John: If you don't know her songs with BNH, get those two. You WILL like them! And yes to Florence, esp Drumming, Howl, Cosmic Love... etc etc

Paul, not all of us have waited by a tour bus hoping to drag our icons into an alley... How old is Sam? 21?

torr.typepad.com said...

Is that new TCS album a big old turd or what? Such bland easy-listening nonsense. And Carly Simon? COME ON. Such a bummer as I loved Weightlifting.

xolondon said...

It is very MOR, but I am not writing it off. Should I Pray, the song with Carly (who you really cannot hear) is one of the best on it. It's not an instantaneous album, though, and there is nothing approaching something like Twisted And Bent. I don't play it much, but I like the title track too.

Yuяi said...

I do hope your wrong about Madge on all counts, but I have a sneaking suspicion that you are dead on. And the record so should have been called Iconography!

Michael said...

Siedah Garrett's K.I.S.S.I.N.G. should have been a big ass hit back in the day, but I don't believe it was.

Someone like Freemasons should remix it.

John said...

I even loved K.I.S.S.I.N.G. And yeah, the BNH stuff was great, although I miss the N'Dea days. And I thought I saw that she DID do something with Freemasons a couple of years ago.

zen~ said...

"Ooh, baby, baby/Why don't we just test the water..." My K.I.S.S.I.N.G 12" vinyl has an acapella on it. I am surprised it hasn't been used to infinity by mashup artists or as a sample (though, if my 40-yr-old dim memory serves me right, someone did sample some vocals on a dance hit mid-90s).

Florence's "Falling" is a real treasure. I had to do some work on a rental property I own, and "Lungs" was played constantly for ten solid days (well, with Gossip and Jenny Wilson interspersed in between...I only took 3 CDs with me, sadly enough!). I actually re-burnt the CD and did my own track order. I got rid of the "Fist" track, coz it ain't the strongest song, and sounds very average amongst the other gems.

Michael said...

Siedah was on the Freemasons track Reign Down Love. Cool tune.

Michael said...

Rain Down Love that is.

David said...

Is it possible that you could take a picture of the Florence + The Machine deluxe album packaging? I'm tempted to pick it up, but haven't seen an image of what it's like. I already have the digital album, but a little disappointed there was no booklet >_<.