July 10, 2009

Imogen Heap: First Train Home premiers Friday

Imogen Heap on Twitter:

imogenheapIf you're around Friday PST 10.20am, tune into the on-air world premier of First Train Home. <3>http://immi.fm/T Exciting! x

Specifics: Imogen is currently on a "whistle-stop" promo tour of the US and will be popping into Santa Monica's KCRW radio station on July 10th to premiere First Train Home, the first single from upcoming album Ellipse. Listen online...

What time is that where you are? Check here

Update via Wongie:


countpopula said...

Beautiful song--maybe not the catchiest thing ever heard, but I love the way the song builds--it really does take you on a mini-journey. Cannot wait for the full length, as I don't think she will have veered too far from what she does best.

Michael said...

Very nice track. I love Imogen.