July 10, 2009

Dangerous Muse cannot keep their clothes on

WOT? Is the Dangerous Muse record actually happening? THREE long years in the making. The first single is I Want It All -here's a teaser - or a cock teaser, as it were.

Part 1, Behind the scenes:

Part 2, whips and chains:

You can hear more of the single from this earlier "preview":

Why do they bother with clothing at all? When last we saw Mike Furey, he looked like this (NSFW via LastFM).

1 comment:

Myfizzypop said...

Are they actually finally really going to release something? I do keep going back to their earlier releases and still enjoy them :)

What with the odious gaga in a gimp mask and the lovely DM boys in chains, it's like pop has raided my under the bed sextoy chest. No wonder Darren and I have been so pedestrian lately :P