June 23, 2009

Wendy And Lisa recommend

Little Dragon Twice:

When Wendy & Lisa tell you to pay attention to a group, you do it - in this case, Little Dragon. And the fact they're Swedish makes them all the better. A piano ballad built around two notes. From the Bjorkian school. Wintry.

On iTunes worldwide.

Update: Check out the interview series "Part 2" on W&L's youtube channel. It's in about 5 or 6 parts and is where I got the Little Dragon recommendation. These clips are also a must for Prince fans - they don't exactly "dish" but they are very candid. And very funny, sweet etc.


Myfizzypop said...

both video and song are quite haunting. can now get neither out of my head. Damn you and wendy and lisa. (ooo threesome!)

phuzzybear said...

My favourite new band. Oddly enough, when I saw them live they played extended jams on a few songs that reminded me of rehearsal bootlegs I have of The Revolution circa 83/84. I take it you saw the Q&A on YouTube? Isn't it sad that Prince will (probably) never have the good sense or taste to collaborate with these talented, warm and funny women again? I want to do shots with Wendy and have Lisa on speed dial for break-ups.

countpopula said...

Little Dragon is very good, no? Wendy had the good taste to mention them in the recent video blogs. Anyone who has a passing interest in the history of Prince should really watch those on Youtube--probably the closest thing we'll ever get to "disclosure" from anybody about anything regarding the Purple One.

Wendy & Lisa are far beyond their due, and hopefully their new album is the first in a string of independent releases that solidifies just how talented they are.

xolondon said...

I just updated the post to alert people to the youtube interviews. Thanx!

John said...

It constantly amazes me that some of the most powerful music in the world is also some of the most basic. This sounds like something you can hear on the wind if you listen very closely. Beautiful.