June 2, 2009

Playlist: Don't take this moment from me.

A very random and very sultry picture of Nick Hoult

Some recommended songs I've been playing a lot (I mean that - this is not a PR moment!).

Little Boots
Not Now
Donatella sleeps in satin couture and Victoria throws away a single-worthy track. But at least the Americans get something those greedy Brits do not, which makes it all the better. This one makes me dream of Los Angeles, where it was surely created. It's worthy for the line: "And how I laughed when some old man / Said that you looked like Duran Duran" not to mention an arsenal of handclaps, ooohs, tinkly Madonna bells and driving bass. Exclusive to her US EP Illuminations, out June 9, via US iTunes

Update: Stereogum streams Not Now.

Black Eyed Peas Meet Me Halfway
I know, I know. I know. Every time I like a Fergie song, I feel a part of my soul being slurped down the dumper. But really, legendary children, this song is great. I love how she sings the line "I can't go any further than this" - it's so disco G-L-A-MOROUS. Timpani make me tear up, as do the big analog synths in the final minute. On iTunes, but hear it here.

Erik Hassle Make It In Time
I've been playing lush lipped Erik's debut constantly. His voice is so young on this one, but he creates the most effortlessly catchy and sweet music. How did he learn to do this? I particularly love how this tune, the album closer, saves its finest section for the last 60 seconds. This final
"might not make it in time" vamp is a piece of doo-woppy genius. Sweden rules.

Fibes, Oh Fibes! Love Child
I keep thinking of that line from David Hare's epic Plenty: "Ingmar Bergman is not a bloody Norwegian, he is a bloody Swede!"But that has nothing to do with this tune, which sounds like it was recorded at a chaotic party. It mainlines joy, simple as that. Video

Jack Peñate Body Down
Jack's new work has a very particular sound. It really breathes. There is a lot of reverb and group vocals - and Jack channeling Robert Smith of The Cure. Body Down is chanty and weird - nice backward vocals weaving in and out - but it's the kind of track that haunts you. The end is like an old Doors song, a description I have never used before. The album this is lifted from, Everything Is New (out 6/22), is a big surprise. It'll probably sell ten copies, but it is very, very good and a mercifully correct 10 tracks. He is touring the UK in late June...

Jimmy Somerville Hanging On The Telephone
A new cover from his Suddently Last Summer album, just out on iTunes worldwide. I have to admit I made a big play (for me) to talk to Jimmy for the magazine and it was not meant to be. Which bothers me b/c it should have been! Anyway, this is a melancholy ballad version of a very old Nerves song you may know more as done by Blondie. Jimmy's voice remains just as pure all these years on. iTunes US

Chaka Khan This Is My Night oldie of the week
You know this song is going to be great from all the sighing on the moody synth intro. It was recorded in 1983 and has that squizzy, beepy sound that Tracey Thorn lifted a few years back for her solo record. A funky soul sister to another fave of this era, The Pointer Sisters kick ass Dare Me. Easy to find...


John said...

"This Is My Night"...the JAM! The Little Boots will definitely be on my must-buy, and I will have to look into the other stuff. It hurts me to admit it, but I have come around just enough on the BEPs to want to check out the full-length next week.

Paul said...

OK so Little Boots is costing me a fortune. the single,the album and now i have to buy the EP? Still between it all there are some delicious songs so hurrah for that.

The Erik Hassle album is indeed lovely. I suspect it may end becoming big in Britain around October, and someone will sing Hurtful on X Factor catapulting his song up the charts.

Love your mixtape posts...

Sheena Beaston said...

Where have you procured the Little Boots track? Have been searching high and low for it!

xolondon said...

Sheena, re Not Now. I didn't procure it - I streamed (a lot) it from the label when I did the review for Instinct. There may be some homemade preview discs going out from PR at any time.

Wavefighter said...

More Swedish stuff. You seems to be one of those who will love the Swedish movie "Let the Right One In". Have you seen it? It's the anti-Twilight.


xolondon said...

I'll try and rent it - thanks!

Sam said...

is it just me or does fergie sound like she's doing her best esthero impression?

Adem With An E said...

I'm absolutely in love with "Meet Me Halfway" - it's like Little Red Corvette meets Physical Attraction. And the lyrics... <3

DanProject76 said...

It's all about the Fibes! Oh Fibes! this week for me... with Jack Penate coming up the rear. Although my copy of the album only has 9 tracks!

Boo hiss to Little Boots hiding one of her songs to her home country. Is it good? No maybe best not make me jealous.

And, in the comments for this post: Hello Sheena/Hannah. Small blogggy blog world!