June 14, 2009

Mixtape: Jag älskar den här låten...

Sam Sparro in his new g;asses, via Twitter.

Did I mention that Sam Sparro responded to one of my Tweets? That's the weird thing about Twitter - you can just gab with all the greats (and not-as-greats).

I had my first big(ish) party ever last weekend and it was a roaring success. If you've been sitting around saying you need to fix up your place or plant some stuff, just decide to invite 30 people over and you'll get it all done.

I checked out the new Xenomania-backed "rock" band Vagabond. They have a new tune called Sweat Until The Morning (video) that's okay. The vocals are really affected and stagey, but the music is very smooth. Stick to what you know, Mr. Higgins.

Once again Perez takes the dirtiest route (re Dustin Lance Black's dickpics) and then twists it into some high and mighty about nude pics. He fancies himself an activist. PH is an attention-seeking jerk and I am SICK of pop stars kissing his ass. That means all of them, even the ones I love. If your kid were ugly, druggie or naked, he would cash in. Those who live by the sword...

Not even the Soul Seekerz can make the Jonas Brothers decent. Too bad they never did realize their album title, Lines Vines and Trying Times, is a cocaine reference.

Chastity Bono becoming a man. That fits into the didn't-see-it-coming-shoulda-seen-it-coming category, doesn't it?

Whatever happened to that La Roux creature? Did she get domestic with La Boyle?

James Banbury, who played a big part in Sarah Nixey's superb solo album, is back with an electronic band called dadahack. They've got a sleek tune out called Hello that you can hear on myspazz. I generally like tunes with vocals, but like Microfilm's songs, this is good for driving a sexy car.

Pixie Lott: She's like Sienna Miller + Natasha Bedingfeld visually (meaning dull) and the music is like a hybrid grown in a lab: Gaga + Winehouse. Catchy pablum

Patrick Wolf "arrested." Talented artist, obnoxious attention seeker or, as a fellow Tweeter Apollo commented (cleverly), a "rampant fanaticist." He tends to blame journalists.

D'luv and XO's new pop group has a debut single and we look so cute in the video, which is called Give It Up Turn It Loose.

I have never liked the Like A Prayer album cover. I'd have preferred this beautiful shot.

Early response to the a-Ha album: a disappointment. No Max Martin surprise or random songs that sound like CSNY. Just more midtempo mush. Torr, what do you think?

Kylie celebrates her 41st in Rome. She's on the right: http://bit.ly/129DDI - and this one too: http://bit.ly/7T8wI

Maxwell's new single Bad Habits is a meandering disappointment after the lush Pretty Wings.

A space cadet for years, maybe one day I'll be an astronaut. Don't like Just Jack's new single Doctor Doctor, but you should play another new one, Astronaut http://www.myspace.com/just...

Finally, geeks will inherit the Earth...

PS: I think the title of this post means "I love this song!" in reference to the clip above.


Paul said...

Oh how i live totally for these posts! I'll go through bit by bit:

Sam Sparro tweeted you! How ace. That is the great thing about the addictive twitter isn't it?! I have totally abandoned myspace and facebook...

I'm sort of liking Vagabond in a rooster sort of way, but not overly adoring. I will give their album another whirl to see if it grows on me anymore...

Ugh, i can't even bare perez. there is such vileness on the web, then there is tacky writing, then there is the onslaught of covering everything on the off chance it will be a hit (which was brilliantly noted in this month's attitude). But he really is the worst :S

I was briefly enchanted with Pixie and now i am over her. Ditto Patrick.

Sigh. I had just fallen in love with Pretty Wings, and now i hear Bad Habits is dull. How much longer can Maxwell be the next big thing...

And viva Erik. He must be massive soon.

torr.typepad.com said...

I think the new a-ha album is a real grower. Not as good as the last 3 albums, no AMAZING songs, but still overall it keeps the quality up.

I like that they brought back the early 80s keyboard sound on a few songs. And I'm glad they didn't let Max Martin help, I hate when they work with professional songwriters like that.

Key tracks:
"The Bandstand"
"Riding The Crest"
"What There Is"
"Shadowside" (gotta be a single)
"Nothing Is Keeping You Here"

If they ever come back to NY again I'll fly there just to attend the show.

xolondon said...

Thanks Torr - I agree on Nothing Is... I'll listen to your other recommendations.

Paul, Maxwell is a fairly big star here in America. I THINK the album will sell, but the new single is not hooky enough. He needed something a bit more up. Does he have any profile in the UK?

Adem With An E said...

I'm glad there are other people who feel the same way about Perez, and the pop stars who love him.

I refuse to even follow him on Twitter and stopped visiting his site ages ago. I saw him on Celebrity Apprentice the other week; called in as an 'expert' on viral marketing, and it made me cringe so very much.

Matt said...

Thx for the shout out!! xoxo M.

Talia said...

The popstars sucking up makes me want to murder them. I think we can all think of one recent example that made me sink my face into my hands.