June 19, 2009

Lily Allen's got balls

Parlophone are actually releasing Fuck You as her new European single! They've produced a really clever video that manages to capture who Lily is without featuring one moment of her. I love the brief image of an American strip mall with the stores shuttered.

The gimmick reminds me of the 90's, when I used to do that stupid thing of getting someone in my eyeline, holding up my hand and squeezing my fingers together, saying "I am crushing you."

Lily Allen Fuck You:

Her next US/UK single is 22. I'd have preferred Back To The Start, which I think adds a bit of squizzy dancey-ness (hear it) to her output. I am actually the type of geek fan who thinks things like "Aw poo, that single will stickout like a sore thumbs on the hits collection." 22 is great, but it's not sublime.

Thanks Vinny Vero for the heads up!


John said...

Awesome video! I heard it on a radio station in the Netherlands last month, and yet it still stuns me that it will see a formal release. Good on them!

undisco_me said...

Holy shit, that track reminded me straight away of Genevieve Waite's 'Trashy Rumors'. I've compared Lilly to Waite before, but that really stunned me (in a good way). When you hear Waite you actually fall in love with her.

I think I might get Lilly's album actually; I never thought I would like 3 of her songs but it's went and happened.

Paul said...

hmmm, fuck you is a bit old now for me (and many others no doubt who had it last year when it leaked) and the video is a bit annoying really. I do like that she has released it though :) It's quirky brilliance. i'm all for Who'd Have Known as the next single. it's rather lovely. millions will disagree :P

Chris Krakora said...

I totally agree with you that "Back From The Start" would make a great single. ONe of my fave tracks from that album. I guess the suits at EMI/Capitol though that it was too "dancey" for the US Top 40 market.

For the past few months a DJ that spins at my local leather bar (The Bike Stop in Philly) has been playing a video version of "Fuck You" featuring nothing but stills of Bush, Cheney, Palin, and other like -minded political figures. I don't know if you can see that version on YouTube.