May 14, 2009

Tweet, tweet music

Just bringing a few of my recent tweets over. I think Twitter has value for this sort of thing, but it's crap for conversation or any sort of nuanced communication. It's also littered with spammy fake twitterers (inevitably "girls" who like to "enjoy life"). This is just my own opinion - what do you think?

xolondon For instance, John C. Hughes always does terrific stuff at PopDose. AND he's very butch!

xolondon It's nice to use to Twitter to promote other people's blogs, not just your own. Self promotion can become... demode

xolondon Mr Hudson Mixtape (5 mins) sample of Supernova (w/Kanye):

xolondon Go to 8-1 for a STUNNING Fred Falke remix of Grizzly Bear's 2 Weeks. Viva Ed Droste!

xolondon Obsessed with this gorge new Little Boots EP. After bitching about her on my blog comments today. Whoopsy daisies, as Hugh Grant might say.

xolondon Listening to new Little Boots track, Not Now. Single worthy, IMO. Jesus appears in it and, I think, Duran Duran.

xolondon Guardian's A. Pickard dissects Tori's Welcome 2 England "visuallette"

xolondon The Gossip as remixed by... yep, Fred Falke!

xolondon I am very angry at Coldplay for stealing the riff of a song I wrote at 6 years old.

xolondon Not thrilled w/Christophe Willem's male Britney voice, but bonzo for his hat and glasses


D'luv said...

I fucked a bird in the mouth once. She tweeted till I coughed up 20 bucks.

xolondon said...


Brad said...

i enjoy being the pin-up girl for this post, as it were.

xolondon said...

Cover boy. Next up, centerfold.

Matt Microfilm said...

Now I remember what the new Gossip cover reminds me of:

xolondon said...


Salvador Ali said...

XO .. are you going to any of the Kylie shows? I just got my ticket for October 13 in NY.

Mr. Will-W. said...

yes, totally with you on Little Boots. Took a while to get into her, but low and behold she is on the repeat! still not liking La Roux though. girl really needs to work on the singing.

xolondon said...

Salvador, no Kylie for me this year, sadly.

Will: La Roux: True.