May 18, 2009

Tori: Music: C- Tori: Artwork: A

See the full artwork for Abnormally Attracted To Sin, an album that does not live up to its title and, I would posit, is the worst record Tori has ever released. All you have to do is play a random selection of older tracks to understand how uninspired this music is. Think even of lesser knowns like Black Dove, Gold Dust, Taxi Ride, Not The Red Baron, Concertina, Toast.. and then play 500 Miles or Lady In Blue. Not. even. close.


Aussie Golfer said...


But, on first listen, I'm not that taken with it myself.

I sit and wait for a 10 track Tori album where each track has been thoughtfully picked and crafted, perhaps with a producer who can cull the B-sides - for the next Bee sides album.

John said...

Yeah...the spark just isn't there. I feel like she took the formula for the more mellow tracks that I have loved on full-lengths like Scarlett's Walk, and then just created them by numbers. There's an emotional connection missing here.

DanProject76 said...

It's not THAT bad!

Delete a few duff tracks ands it's half decent. No less average than Scarlet's Walk or the other one about flowers.

Marie Tueje said...

The artwork certainly does look gorgeous. Alas, where Tori would once force us to enter a beguiling world of her majestic creation, she seems now intent on boring us to tears. Such a shame because she is a musical wizard.

Welcome To England was meandering and average, I shall wade with trepidation through the rest of it.