May 6, 2009

Mr Hudson shoots Supernova

Kanye and Mr. Hudson recorded Supernova, Mr Hudson's first official single for Straight No Chaser. Still no exact release date, but the song should come out soon and I'll cover it here. In the meantime, have you seen There Will Be Tears or Picture Of You?


Paul said...

looks amazing. these guys need to hurry up and be huge i tells ya. i cannot wait any longer!

D'luv said...

Do you think they flip 'n F, or do you think Kanye is a bully?

xolondon said...

Flip n fuck?

Alex Drake said...

Straight No Chaser: August 3rd
According to his twitter atleast.
Kanye has transformed him mainstream after his time with 'the library' but I still like him. Alot.