May 3, 2009

Mixtape: How to segue from Muppets to Lekakis...

That's my new "chenille" plant up there. I noted to a friend that it seemed phallic, to which she respond that they looked like Muppet peen. True.

And Paul Lekakis' (aging) peen. Or should I say scrotum? NSFW, clearly. Here is a 2004 interview with him, by the way.

The new 9+ minute mix of Freemasons and Sophie Ellis Bextor's Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer is truly apocalyptic. The bit at 6:20 ish makes me want to run around screaming.

KulPop is on a roll this week with scoops on the new a-Ha and new Lightning Seeds albums. He also has MP3s. I think I actually prefer the Seeds song.

Good gravy Marie. I am watching Any Dream Will Do on BBC America. Those guys are straight?! They're like the Show Choir guys from high school, the ones who found jazz hands to be a natural way of being.

NME Just did a
LaRoux vs Little Boots album battle. Who wins- read it to find out.

Seems like the Franz Ferdinand and U2 albums have fizzled, doesn't it? I do like the Fred Falke mix of U2's new single Magnificent, the original of which should be called Quite Decent.

Phil Oakey is having a renaissance isn't he? First the new duet with Pet Shop Boys (why is that relegated to the bonus disc?!) and next a duet with Little Boots on Symmetry. The indiepop reviewers are panning that song, so I expect it will be what we call poptastic. What we really need next is a new Human League album. Now is the perfect time. If you didn't hear anything from their 2001 album Secrets, I highly recommend Never Give Your Heart (hear it) and All I Ever Wanted (video).

Pixie Lott is crap. I can't bear to link to her. Good voice technically, but cliched "2009" singing style and test-marketed tunes. Pixie Lott is so demode**.

The Times just did a great piece on artists who reinvent themselves versus artists who remain the same year-in-year-out.

I found Blue Notes, the solo album by Helen Terry - backing singer on the best songs of Culture Club - and was sad to discover that on some tracks she kind of fell flat in the lower, calmer register. We see this on Idol shows all the time, where the singer can really wail, but isn't quite as capable of subtler emotions. It's also interesting that she did not include her best solo song, Laughter On My Mind, a duet with Boy George.

Best blog title I've discovered recently: Crying All The Way To The Chip Shop.

A thoughtful slam of Prince at FourFour (thanks PopMuse). It is now my sport to hate Prince.

Bjork is releasing a pointless boxset for her tepid Volta CD. Sorry, but does anyone really LOVE that record? Nonetheless, Box Of Boom has live MP3s for Who Is It and Bachelorette.

Simply Red inexplicably - or not - re-recorded Money's Too Tight To Mention. You can preview it on 7-Digital - it sounds lame. Not even a Haji mix can save it. In the process of looking for it on iTunes, I downloaded all sorts of stuff, from the extended Right Thing to the album-worthy b-side Lady Godiva's Room. All this reminds me, I've been meaning to mention the cover of their (superb) recent hits collection called 25 - is that Mick Hucknall or Axl Rose?

And what does **Fake Karl Lagerfeld (a satire blog) say about Twitter?

For all my friends who've been having bad times lately, I'm sending you loving vibes AND a yank on the scalp to keep your chins up...


John said...

Have you seen the video of Susan Boyle set to "New In Town"? The editing is awesome, the effect is hilarious.

I would say that Prince has definitely jumped the shark, but after hearing bits of the new record, it would be nice if he didn't complete the jump at all.

Love all the bits this time around, but "Muppet peen" is the phrase of the day.

Myfizzypop said...

I am quite looking forward to the return of both Aha and the Seeds. I had a serious seeds obsession in the 90s.

Pxie Lott wooed me briefly (well you know me!) but i am utterly bored of her at the moment. That may change but i am feeling more and more that i don't need a pseudo duffy in my life. I am already regretting adding her to my latest mix tape!

I suspect Little Boots will win the La Roux album battle with me.

Unknown said...

Hey Dish - I cannot agree with you more about Prince. Boggles the mind. He is nuts - what happened? O he found religion!

babs said...

I do want to see Glee despite the jazzhandsosity of it.
But it's probably jazz hands with a sense of humor.

Yeah, I haven't watched Any Dream Will Do, but your assessment seems appropos.

Michael said...

I thought the Haji and Emanuel Simply Red remix sounded like a great idea but the final result is tepid.

countpopula said...

Really liked both A-ha & Seeds songs. Thanks for the tip!

Have you heard the Justice remix of Get on Your Boots? Makes a bad song better than tolerable.

Think I might actually get the Bjork--did you see how much stuff is on it? Apparently lots of the stiffer tracks from Volta really came to life in the live setting.

Human League should strike now. Hell, Don't You Want Me is playing in that Swiffer commercial every 10 minutes in the US! Leaning toward Little Boots...

Michael said...

The Juan Maclean album has a lot of Human League influence.

xolondon said...

REALLY? I will check them out.

Michael said...

There's a couple of points on the new Juan Maclean where they pretty much bite the melodies of some Human League tunes like Love Action and Being Boiled. However, it's all done out of love, I think,

D'luv said...

Loved the NME La Roux vs. Little Boots review! ANd loved the Mix Tape, yet again!