May 8, 2009

Lily Allen is smug.

Now Lily Allen has officially released a free record. A remix do. Is this in honor of Darren Hayes' birthday too? Probably not. It's legit though and was done by the suspiciously named Fritz Von Runte, who may or may not be Greg Kurstin.**

Download Lily Allen Remixed

Fuck You leaked earlier this week and I prefer it to the CD version. The mixes are very low-fi and "tonal"- others I like on first listen: Chinese and Not Fair

** Oh wait, Fritz is a real, live person with, one hopes, a fake name.


daavid said...

"Chinese" is the best song after "The Fear".

selloutboy said...

she can do no wrong.

dishy said...

CHINESE is a fabulous song. Yes this is very atonal. BUT I really love this chick. The whole album is really a pop masterpiece.