May 26, 2009

"If ya really wanna get my young love"

Whoa, look at Bebe LeStrange up there. That's Carly Smithson in a new promo shoot for her forthcoming, err, project. One assumes this will be a rock affair a la Pat Benatar, except for the fact she's been doing it in Nashville. Yikes.. I actually prefer Carly to the sweet-but-insipid Kris Allen, though I just watched a sneak preview of a new track and was seriously distracted by her eyebrows.

I remain obsessed with Carly (ne Hennessey's) lurid, poptastic 2001 track Young Love, the one that goes "Gonna sit here with these lonely hands and just contemplate, gonna master fate..." Indeed, Carly. And remember this nugget, produced by the hibernating genius Gregg Alexander? I'm Gonna Blow Your Mind (that's the link to the haircentric video). I highly recommend them and both tracks are on iTunes US.


John said...

I like Carly, and hope that she's able to make something of this second chance. But wow...Heart, anyone?

Michael said...

I'm interested in hearing more from her. I didn't really follow her season of AI, but she sounds like someone I could like if the material is right.