May 7, 2009

Darren Hayes is smug.

From Darren's myspace:

I've been recording a secret side project album with my long term co-writer and collaborator Robert Conley over the past 2 years. It was finished and mixed in December last year and just last week the album was mastered.

It's a band we call We Are Smug. Robert and I share lead vocal and songwriting duties on everything, and up until this second, we haven't spoken a word of it to anyone outside of our circle of friends.

But today, on my birthday, we've decided it's release day and if you visit
you can download it for free.

This is not the direction of my next album, nor is 'free' the new price for my music. This is just something I am doing because I can.
Haven't played it yet - have you?

Update: Not really my thing, but there are two songs you should check out: The Pressure and Never Be The Same. Hot Tub Blues is amusing, if a bit of a novelty...


Brad said...

listening now...quite a surprise!

Paul said...

Darren was better in the 20 seconds he was on the Pam Ann show last week...

countpopula said...

Kind of refreshing in a way. If these are the songs just sitting around, I can only imagine the good stuff they are holding back! Shit on the Radio is so much fun, and Never Be the Same is a hidden gem.

Thanks again for the tip!