May 13, 2009

Cover Story: A tale of two covers

A look at the cover of the new Gossip CD, Music For Men (out June 22):

Beautiful. That's a surprise after Beth Ditto being the face of The Gossip for so long. Now Hannah gets her moment. Does it remind you a bit of Eg & Alice's CD cover below? That's the band that songwriter Eg White (Will Young, Adele, etc) had with Alice Temple in the early 90's. Absolutely lost classic, that album.

Meanwhile, Freemasons issued a cover for their monolithic track with La Bex...

Looks like a hair care ad, no? Like she's a Breck or Wella Balsam girl. I actually prefer the fan-made cover that appeared earlier this year in the PopJustice Forums:

Suitably lollipop-headed. I love a pretty alien.


Matt said...

I think the cover photo for the Gossip is fanmade.
The real one is this:

xolondon said...

That is the correct cover. See here:

It refers back to the Stereogum image. Unless this is a joke on the band's part

Paul said...

oh i like the fan made sophie one. very nice. you are right (of course) - the other one does look very "i like to just wash my hair and go" with a voice over explaining the brilliance of how the nutrients in the shampoo give your hair a longer lasting sheen!!

D'luv said...


phuzzy said...

How about an entire post devoted to the Eg & Alice album at some point? It was one of the casualties of it's time and deserves some futurelove. The second half of "Doesn't Mean That Much To Me" is nothing short of anthemic but it was just one of many highlights on a stunning record.