May 11, 2009

Boy George released on good behavior

He looks better than he has in years. Well done, BG.

Have you heard his new single yet? Click here.


Matt said...

Who knew he was a bear daddy? LOL

He should totally keep the look and have a reinvention where he does a totally unmade-up album. I'm sure he would finally get good press!

daavid said...

LOL Who the hell is that guy?

xolondon said...

Matt, that is a good idea. And maybe you can offer your help to our dear BG?

countpopula said...

Can I just say that, out of all the looks George has adopted over the years (rasta drag-queen, acid Joan Crawford, Indian princess, damaged club kid, sinister clown, etc.), this might be the most jarring and unexpected. I guess I can understand how, when you've led such an extraordinary life, how you might want to look for a bit of normality, but honestly, I believe George is always gonna be a bit too glamorous in my mind to really make a look like this work.

That being said, he looks healthy and well-rested, so more power to him. He will always be extremely talented, and now it is time to show the world that his greatest reinvention is what lies ahead.

Phil said...

Matt, I think the correct term these days is Polar Bear. :) Bless.

But the sign behind him is appropriate, non?

Matt Microfilm said...

Would love to do a song with George; have to admit I just wrote him and told him so! lol. We'll see if he even likes our stuff.