May 5, 2009

10 Musical Thoughts: 10 tunes you should own


I'm going back a bit, to when radio still mattered, in the late 80's and early 90's. These are all songs I consider to be classics that you may or may not know. Many will be available on iTunes or via a search on Google Blog.

1 The The Heartland video
The late 80's was an angry time in the UK and this song reflects that. Amidst the bitters is one line I love: "I've come to smell the seasons change, and watch the city, as the sun goes down again." 1986

2 Brian Setzer The Knife Feels Like Justice video
Between his rockabilly deal with Stray Cats and his endless swing albums came this gorgeous folk rock tune. His voice on the verses is phenomenal. 1985

3 Seal The Beginning
The first Seal track from his first album remains one of his best. Best adjective: swirling
. 1991

4 Peter Gabriel Here Comes The Flood (1990 ver.) video
Beautiful piano ballad, Gabriel's most vulnerable vocal. It's hard to remember what a massive star he was, but when Peter was good, he was a
God. 1990

5 The Replacements The Ledge
Chill inducing. I know pop kids may fear this, but don't. It's a ravaged beaut of a song - the tale of a boy who finally gets the attention he craves by killing himself. The final minute manages to be harrowing without being harsh. 1987

6 Marcella Detroit Detroit
One of my all-time favorite songs that no one knows, this is a love song to the city. I always thought Madonna should cover this on a retrospective album. 1994

7 The KLF Justified And Ancient video
Ancients of mu mu, ancients of mu mu, ice cream trucks and Tammmmmy Wynette.

8 The Divinyls I Touch Myself video
I touch myself, I honestly do, oh oh oh.

9 Siouxsie & The Banshees Kiss Them For Me video
Siouxsie's most opulent, romantic pop moment. I still play this song all the time. "Someone carving their devotion /In the heartshaped pool of fame." 1991

10 Sade Is It A Crime? live video
My love is wider than Victoria Lake, taller than Empire State. If anyone ever tells you Sade is too cool when she sings, this song proves them wrong. Major Singing Here.


Dan said...

God, I love that Sade song primarily for that very line you quoted. The other Sade song I am especially fond of is "Never As Good As The First Time." - It's like the weather/One day chickens/Next day feathers.

xolondon said...

The rose we remember, the thorns we forget.

John said...

Good grief! Such an amazing list. There's a mixtape somewhere in here. That Brian Setzer track was an instant classic, and "The Beginning" did it's job in spades. That Siouxsie track has always been pop perfection in my mind.

Michael Green said...

I still like Seal but dearly wished he'd gone down the "The Beggining" slightly harder road than the one he's ended up on...

D'luv said...

The Divinyls and KLF tracks were '91, as well.

I always LOVED KLF's "Last Train To Trancentral," their lesser-known single between "3 AM Eternal" and "Justified & Ancient."

countpopula said...

The Sade song is incredible. You simply cannot compare her to most R&B singers due to the complexity of songs like this.

Loved the KLF song in its day. Ironically Tammy Wynette had never heard of KLF, and had no idea why she was asked to sing the song or what it was about.

Ditto the Seal comment. He is the male Sharleen Spiteri at the mo.

I still ADORE the The's Heartland. The whole Infected album, really, but this song in particular. How poignant. I'm very proud that one of my good friends is the son of a former member of that band (and no, it ain't Johnny Marr or Matt Johnson).

Love your Siouxsie pick, but even more from that era for me, Face to Face, the excellent non-album track used as the single for the second Batman movie. The song was a commercial flop, but what an amazing song.

babs said...

Face to Face I would also nominate. Crappyish movie, but excellent song.

Diva Incarnate said...

Kiss Them For Me is my favourite song of all time - the lyrics describe itself. Like all Siouxsie tracks, there is sunlight and shadow (I love "as the tenth impact shimmered, the forbidden candles beamed, oh" which is a good example of this). "No invitation she wouldn't send" is horrendously brilliant - as her death was the hottest ticket in town (Didn't you get it? Kiss them for me - I may find myself delayed).

The Jr. Vasquez remix of Fear was like Grace Jones produced by Deee-Lite. Feathers in the video!

Time Life said...

Just got turned on to your blog. Great stuff! Your top 10 is eerily similar to mine. I think I'll stick around your site for a while.

Thanks for the Marius/Roisin track. She is one sexy, collaborative minx.

xolondon said...

Hi Vinny! I'd give you a tour around if I could... (for a better sense of my tastes, check out the Best Of 2008 tab beneath the banner pic of the pervy kid!)

Undisco, Kiss Them For Me is one of those songs that's true subject matter eludes many listeners. You can focus on key lines and not even notice the darker aspect.

Jason said...

Nice list! I think I'd tack "True Faith" by New Order onto your list.

xolondon said...

You going to Kylie, Jason?

Jams said...

Agree with D'luv about Last Train To Transcentral - probably the finest song from that era.

As for Detroit, yup you got it, A-MAZ-ING.

What a list!