April 6, 2009

Your young tart has faded in you

Antigone by Jochen Braun

Antigone's new single Promiscuity is out today on iTunes in most territories. It has one of the most booming, hooky choruses you'll hear all year, but it's also pretty edgy for a pop tune.

If you want to know what makes
Antigone unique, it's her intelligence. Not that the other divas she's compared to are not smart women - many are. Especially Roisin Murphy. Antigone's lyrics are light years beyond the usual disco fodder: they have clever (loose) narratives and layers of meaning. Will some insipid disco dollies even be able to pronounce the title of this song? Maybe not! But those same listeners might know what "loins" are, one hopes.

When you first hear Promiscuity, you may think it's about two women vying for a lover. I think it's actually two sides of one women. One side wants love and one side wants, well, to get laid. A lot! One side is ready for a deeper connection and the other is still playing the field...

It hasn’t been like this from the start
Like a child forgets its lisp, your young tart
Has faded in you
Is departing from you

Now that your loins she has signed
Now that she has with you spent time
She’s leaving you
And she’s beautiful

The chorus suggests to me a person who knows they aren't ready for commitment...

I could never see
Any reason to be
Close to you
While she was so rudely
Riding around
With you all over town

But as she walks away
I notice that we kind of look the same

Oh, promiscuity laughs
She kept us apart, so we might last

There is more where this came from. AntigoneLand is out via iTunes on April 20. In addition to Promiscuity and More Man Than Man, other gems include Mirror, Hello Yellow and Life Without You.

Lyrics by Antigone Foster, 2009


DanProject76 said...

I am seriously breaking my 'no downloading off iTunes' rule for her album as there is no CD and I am a sulking old man!

daavid said...

Yeah, this song is very, very, good. And even though she sounds quite a bit like Goldfrapp and Roisin, it doesn't feel like she's copying them.

Dave said...

I'm in love with this song and it's all down to you! So take all the credit.

The beginning is very Bjork to these ears, also.

xolondon said...

It IS good isn't it? I'll have another post about her album later this week. There was something wonky on US iTunes and you could not click on her name, so I got to it by typing Antigone Promiscuity in the search box. It's indeed available now.