April 17, 2009

You took something perfect and painted it red

Daniel Merriweather Red:

I'm still unsure how this album will be received. The first single, Change, flopped. The best songs - and Red is one of them - move away from Mark Ronson's Winehouse-isms to a more 70's AM radio sound. The record also includes a duet with Adele that is very sophisticated, if not blazingly commercial [I know jack: watch it be a huge hit]. The label keeps pushing Daniel's release date back, but this is really a fall album, not a summertime thing. Daniel has too much pathos for beers and beaches.

Watch the EPK. done last year.


John said...

If this is what the guy comes up with on his debut, it's promising. Here's hoping he gets a second chance.

Michael said...

Change did pretty well in the UK, didn't it? I thought it went Top 10.

thepm said...

On first lessons it sounds quite good, although i would agree it is more an 'autumn' album for meditative reflection than a cheery summer sunshine album. Although given recent UK summers there isn't a lot of different between summer and autumn here