April 8, 2009

You are so beautiful to me

Photo by Marc Atkins

News from Wales:

Rose Elinor Dougall, The Artist Formerly Known As Rosay From Pipettes, has finished her new album, Without Why, and has a new single coming out June 8th on Elefant Records.

The new single is called Start/Stop/Synch and you can hear it at her
myspace or at Pitchfork. It's a strange one, very ambient sixities and not screamingly melodic, but as usual her sublime voice lifts the music right up into the clouds in the final 40 seconds.

Rose's rarely updated blog here


Paul said...

do you ever feel the pipettes have wrecked it by being away too long :(

daavid said...

Following the success of her sold out debut single Another Version Of Pop Song,

LOL, well yeah, how many copies were pressed? 10?

I wasn't a fan of what I heard before this, but with Start/Stop/Synch she's definitely starting to sound better...

It's almost impossible to pay attention to her music (or anyone's) while looking at her picture. She is just too pretty!