April 1, 2009

Vincent Frank Live And Lost

Frankmusik has been traveling all over England like a hobo, hitchhiking via contacts he gets on the mypsace app on his Blackberry (sponsorship anyone?). Erm, does this seem safe ? What if he's kidnapped by some crazed ginger fans who tie him to the bed and take a sledgehammer to his kneecaps? Or, less dramatically, touch his dinger?

Day 9: In this one, he starts in Birmingham, home of FizzyPop. At the end, one of the PJ Forums kids - seriously - stands him up and leaves him stranded somewhere. Listen close for some previews of the new album, including something pounding at 6:16.

Day 10:

In this one Vincent almost gets stood up by his friend, the rapper Tinchy Stryder. Tinchy? He finally closes out the tour in Norwich.

Frank's new single Better Off As Two is out next week, though I cannot figure out where one can buy it (other than HMV) and what the tracklist is. It's also a "limited edition." Huh? Seriously, if LaRoux can hit the charts, then Vincent should be able to or there is no pop justice.

Don't forget, Frankmusik recorded the ballad of 2009, Vacant Heart. It's out on the album Complete Me in June.


Poster Girl said...

This whole "another limited edition" thing is going to drive me crazy. I wish we knew the tracklist for the new single, too. I'd like to think there'd be something new and worth it on it, but with import prices, I don't know that I can take the chance on a single.

I haven't been watching Live & Lost. I may catch up in a few days. Watching that first video now...

Phil said...

I bet Tom Lee, the lad who stood him up, is about 10! ha!

Vacant Heart should be a single.

D'luv said...

So sick of this wanker.

John said...

Can we just call the CD "How to Sabotage Your Career Before It Starts" and get it over with?