April 25, 2009

Tonight it's Maxwell. Now starts the craft.

Tonight I am stuck on this:

Maxwell's PERFECT performance of This Woman's Work last fall. Survive the horrific audience singing from 1:20 -1:49 because the payoff is at 1:50ish, when it really takes off with some major stage drama (pause in song, silhouette, down on knees) and then the unbelievable middle eight, where he fucks the falsetto (3:00) and goes for it.

Had I been there, I would have cried like a baby.

He's back Tuesday with a press conference. I expect this album, Black, to be huge.
I hope it will push him into the pantheon of, you know, greatness. The new single, Pretty Wings, is fucking opulent.

Pretty Wings preview:


Myfizzypop said...

you've been pushing maxwell on me for a while. I'm finally convinced. that was gorgeous.

Michael Green said...

i think i need a little pushing...it's been a while...nice.

D'luv said...

Was he in one of the American Pie movies? I really think the magnificent use of the fisheye lens in the third one went vastly underrated.

xolondon said...

what r u drinking?

D'luv said...

Green tea, honey. Bit of a nasal congestion. :(