April 2, 2009

Thank God For Lucky Soul

This blog is called XO's Middle Eight because I often find myself waxing on about the middle eights - or "bridges" - of songs. A great pop song will have, in the middle or final third, another great tune hidden inside it. Lucky Soul's new single Whoa Billy! leaps off from their previous retro sound and then, at 1:37, has a joyous "whoa oh ohhhhh" middle eight that makes me want to fucking jumprope! It even appears at the end of the song (2:59). I can only imagine how this goes over live.

The track seems simple, but it's not. Listen close and you'll hear some sonic advances - a stronger electric guitar and a disco breakdown at 1:52, just after the whoa oh ohs, which makes me wonder if there are multiple middle eights, b-choruses or what?! Its complexity does not overshadow its pop genius. We need this kind of music right now.

You might recall that the band's debut album, The Great Unwanted, was one of my favorites in 2007 (my review). The artwork alone was beyond. I should add that their label, Ruffa Lane, is a purveyor of fine pop in general. I'm intrigued by new act Napoloeon too.

This is HEAVEN. It makes me so happy. Here is a FREE and legal download...

Lucky Soul Whoa Billy!


countpopula said...

Great song! Sits nicely next to the new Camera Obscura single.

Could you upload footage of you jumping rope to this NOW please?

Myfizzypop said...

it really is quite glorious isn't it?!

DanProject76 said...

I was just thinking about the hopeful return of Lucky Soul the other day and now I have a new song!

Oh yes... playing it now. Want new album now too, I am so bloody greedy.