April 5, 2009

Playlist: You'd better bring your own sun

Still waiting for Spring. Do any Brits recognize the location above? This image is the wallpaper for both of my computers. Anyway, while I continue to put my sweaters away and take them out again, here are some recommended tunes, most not quite released...

1. Tori Amos Welcome To England video
Stunning. Tori's best song in many years. One would assume it's for her husband, especially on the hooky, multi-tracked chorus: "Welcome to England, he said / Welcome to my world / You better bring your own sun, sweet girl." Tori is still insistent on arcane vocal affectations and cadencee - "do a dance" becomes "douh dayance" - but lyrically this is her most straightforward song in a long time. I played it about ten times in a row driving back from my friend's funeral last week and it actually made me feel better. I was sorry Sheryl had not heard it. I was in her presence the first time I heard/saw Silent All These Years, a truly revolutionary song for American radio.

2. Little Boots New In Town (Fred Falke Remix) find it
To quote Stevie Nicks "When love starts out in the darkness, it doesn't do well in the light." Falling in love with the remix of a song you've never heard is risky. What if you then dislike the proper mix? I've not been a fan of Little Boots, but I dig this 7-minute mix for its use of repetition (Stuart Pricey!) and what can only be described as buzzed-on-sugar on the chorus. Fred Falke is flying high. I also recommend his revamps of Will Young's Grace and Ladyhawke's Back Of The Van. Update: the real mix is swaggering and almost r'n'b.

3. Depeche Mode Peace this is not the video
I'm not entirely enamored with Depeche Mode's new CD, Sounds Of The Universe. It is one of their least melodic. The arrangements are great though, often relying on vintage synths that make some songs, like Peace, sound as if they were from their early 80's discs. Peace has a pleasing celestial quality on the (simple) chorus. Lyrically, it's the opposite of Wrong: "I'm leaving anger in the past / With all the shadows that it caused."

4. Daniel Merriweather For Your Money
This took me by surprise. It's pure Stranger-era Billy Joel and it should be called New York because the lyrics give that city great prominence (or is that the lyrics give that great city prominence?). From his forthcoming CD, Love And War. I love New York and I love Daniel. This one is not really on the web yet, but Daniel's next single is another 70's-era ballad, Red.

5. Phoenix Countdown (Sick For The Big Sun) hear it
I was talking with my sharpie friend Nathan about Phoenix and how they seem capable of one thing. Their new CD is strong, but it must be said: it's samey! I have little to say about this tune either, except that it's good! Pop fans will like it and the music will sound good in the car this summer.

6. Alcazar Baby hear it
Are your eyes popping? First, Phoenix followed by Alcazar and then Alcazar... at all. They're so 1999. Pet Shop Boys wrote this one and the production is worthy of the duo. It's just simple, sun-kissed Europop. The kind of thing you want to hear in the shops and discos of a seaside town. Flip flops, fruity drinks and a kiss when you least expect it.

There are a few more songs I'll be doing individual posts about in the coming days.


D'luv said...

I have the Alcazar song and play it sporadically. ("I hope not SPORADICALLY" - Clueless) I keep forgetting I have it, but when I do stumble upon it, I like it.

Michael said...

The Golden Filter remix of New In Town is pretty good. I still haven't listened to the Falke mix.

Anastasia said...

Hmm... I'm not sure, but it looks sort of familiar. I'd say Blenheim Palace or maybe Hyde Park? Its a really nice place.