April 4, 2009

Paolo says, "Darling, I'll lay down on your rug"

Paolo Nutini Candy:

Warbly, isn't he? I love this! I was worried about how Paolo would follow up his last record, which has some truly perfect songs on it. I still need to be picked up off the floor after hearing Last Request. This first single suggests that I not worry much. It was produced by Ethan Johns of Rufus Wainwright and Kings Of Leon fame and is due out May 18, if singles exist anymore. The album has a dippy title, Sunny Side Up, which does have some ripe album art potential.

Need to be reminded of why Paolo is worthy? Watch below - he is 19 years old in this clip.

Paolu Nutini Last Request (live on Jools):


Myfizzypop said...

i adored last request and these streets. just lovely. this is very promising indeed.

John said...

Great record...has a bit of a Nashville vibe, which is really interesting given what Adele has said about what direction her next CD will head toward. T-Bone Burnett is quietly giggling to himself somewhere in America.