April 15, 2009

Mixtape: Does it live up to your every dream?

What do you think of that picture of Tori? Her album samples are on iTunes US and they do not bode well for the final product, sadly. We'll see though - samples can be deceiving.

Napoleon's new single is titled I Try To Despise The Ugly People ( But The Beautiful Ones Keep Turning Me Down). I love the concept of ten 22-ish Swedes doing this kind of 80's British pop music, but I continue to react to the awful awful mixes, which disembody the lead singer from the backing track. Hear it at myspazz.

Simple Minds video for Rockets is out now. Don't dress up too much, Jim.

I'm fascinated by the amount of money being sunk into LeToya Luckett's new project. Her video, Not Anymore, looks like a movie. Maybe she used some of the money she pocketed when she settled with Matthew Knowles after being axed from Destiny's Child? Why this girl though? What makes her unique?

Annie's Anthonio is a perfect night driving song (evidence), but it was sort of an anticlimax when I finally heard the whole track. She just needs to stop dicking around and get the album out. Otherwise it's 2008 all over again.

Which reminds me, when is Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer coming out? The new collab between Sophie Ellis Bextor and Freemasons. Sounds monolithic.

Kate Havnevik's official single is out now, Show Me Love, and it's very... cute. It even has birds tweeting. It's nice, but doesn't have much heft.

Where are Arctic Monkeys?

And where is the new Lucas Mire album? I was playing a few new songs by him and thought, "Hmmm, there is some passion going on in this boy's private life!"

AntigoneLand next week!

Duran Duran and Mark Ronson. Hmmmph. Not sure about that. They are working with him on their new album. If it's like Robbie's Lovelight, great, but I don't want to hear them with horns and retro soul. At all. I still say Red Carpet Massacre was vastly underrated (and botched promotion-wise by their label).

Did any of you see Zac Efron promoting his new movie over the past few weeks? My God, he was built in a Disney Lab. All surface, no depth. Not capable of answering one question with anything other than pablum.

Speaking of which, ain't it cute that the Jonas Only-1-Is-Hot Brothers don't seem to know their album title Lines, Vines and Trying Times sounds like a cocaine reference? Tough life on the road, boys? I think if they want long term success, they need to go off and record with... Rick Rubin, haha!

Patrick Wolf's forthcoming song Hard Times (hear it at 8-1) is much better than Vultures. It's urgent and string-laden, but still has the muscularity of his new work. This should have been the first single. It has not gone unnoticed how unexcited everyone was by that Widget
a few days back, but the clips sound good.

I still prefer Fred Falke's remix of Little Boots' single New In Town, but the original has a perfect middle eight that is soooo Kylie (at 1:51, "Cuz I know how it feels to be alone..."). The vocals are so girlish. It's a plaintive contrast to the swagger of the chorus.

Frankmusik: the Danny Dove and Steve Smart mix Better Off As Two is great. Worryingly, his album release has bounced from April to June to July. If you didn't see the last Live And Lost episode, it was vair vair sweet and featured Davina MacCall (Brit TV presenter) shuttling him around.

Scissor Sister's Del Marquis is the new Breathe. Del Marquis is the new Halo James. For those who get the obscure latter reference. More on him soon, but I LOVE Remember Me Young. Get it for free (legally!) here.

La Roux and I are not likely to happen. I love her look and her artwork, but not her shrill voice. Her next single Bulletproof is better - total Depeche Mode 1983, but the rest is makeshift.

Do you know Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (hear it). It's quite slamming. I'm fascinated by the way that band is now considered a major contender. Karen is intriguing but that bowl cut needs to be retired.

I just added Eaten Alive by Diana Ross to my iPod. Love it. Didn't Whacko Jacko have something to do with it? Are that paedo's shows selling out in London? Jeebus!

Erik Hassle is pure radio pop, but it's vair vair good. Only heard four songs, but I'm eager to hear the new CD. His next single Don't Bring Flowers is as good as Hurtful. Be sure to read Adem's review of the album...

I see that Pink's tour is Funhouse-themed. Could this be any more trite? I love her but how many popstars have to do with Circus / Carnival theme? It makes me think that Pink's people consider children to be her demographic. I do love how the Times writer thinks she's a mix of Suzi Quatro and Madonna.

ABC played Royal Albert Hall to much acclaim Friday night. For the second set, Trevor Horn introduced them before they played every song from one of my favorite albums, The Lexicon Of Love, in its entirety. Read about it in The Independent and The Guardian.


torr.typepad.com said...

Duran's studio diary comments actually make it sound like Ronson is leading them in more of a rock direction, which I would be all for!


"Yesterday we had a surprise visitor, in the shape of Nick Hodgson drummer and songwriter with the fabulous Kaiser Chiefs. OK you’ve guessed it, we’re moving in a different direction with these guys than the one one we were on with Timbaland and Justin T. It feels very good I have to say. MODERN ENGLISH ROCK is what it’s all about for us."

I've never cared about Yeah Yeah Yeahs before but this new album is really quite good.

Almost all these bullet-points you just made would work well as lovely tweets. I really think you should join twitter.


daavid said...

For a second I thought that was Nicola Roberts!

Tori's never been my cup of tea :/

John said...

- I'm now nervous to go to iTunes to check out the samples. Got a thing from Ticketmaster yesterday to pre-order the iTunes version and get a pre-sale code for her tour.

- I watch the Simple Minds video, and it feels like a French and Saunders send-up of a U2 video. Not a compliment at all.

- I don't get the LeToya deal, either.

- Bring on SEB!

- The D2/Ronson collab is intriguing. While Red Carpet had its moments, I thought the overall execution was off.

- Which Jonas is your choice? That photo doesn't seem to do any of them any favors in my eye.

- I'm feelin' Little Boots over La Roux at the moment.

- Del Marquis...can do no wrong. Especially not in the pants he normally wears on stage.

- Diana had a bunch of MJ-produced tracks, including "Eaten" and "Muscles".

- Any time someone's mentioning Suzi, I'm in.

- Ah, ABC. Let's see how the Spandau reunion goes now.

- Haven't heard the Frank mix, but I agree completely on the concern.

xolondon said...

John, I fixed the Jonas pic. TRUE about Simple Minds! Maybe I will be wrong about Tori - I liked the clips toward the end of the CD more.

Thanks Torr. I have a Twitter account, I just don't use it. What would I say? "XO is pondering from which angle to cut that little toenail." The glamor is overwhelming.

Daavid, you are RIGHT about Nicola. Even moreso than the CD cover.

Poster Girl said...

Did Ronson do Robbie's version of "Lovelight"? I had no idea! I'd love to hear more of that sound from him.

I'm at the same place with La Roux. The artwork is killer, but I'm not over the vocals yet.

I do wish Annie would release something and I know all this playing into the Annie vs. Anthonio drama with MySpace, YouTube, letters, etc. is mainly just amusing twenty people on the Internet, but I am thoroughly amused and loving it.

Erik's album is absolutely pure radio pop, but it's emotional radio pop that I can't stop playing. It's that perfect balance for me: solidly commercial and with substance and feeling behind it.

countpopula said...

I am also now apprehensive about sampling the Tori. Probably will, but as someone who was a HUGE fan, I just haven't been thrilled since To Venus & Back, and that's been a few albums now. Fingers crossed...

Really liking the sound of most of Patrick's effort. Too bad about the unflattering video and choice of single. I think another would have made people much more interested (such as this song).

Love Anthonio, and I agree many times over, this album needs to come out, like yesterday...

SEB needs to stay in the game!

Really liked the other Kate H. song, Halo, better. More moody.

Is Antigone an iTunes exclusive? I hate that, y'know.

That Zac Efron interview on the Today Show was HORRIBLE. Does he have a personality? So stifled by the Mouse, methinks...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the YYY's album! The ballads are gorge too! I think they've finally found a sound I can totally embrace. Not an extra piece of crap to be found either. Purrrfect.

Thought the same thing about Pink. Why? That sideshow has been played, girl.

I will try with La Roux. I generally agree with you that her voice is like that 12 year old who oversings every note slightly sharp, but maybe she'll get better? Brits seem to like her well enough.

I hope they take this ABC thing on the road. What a massive album, and they play some other stuff as well. Heard Human League last year, best they ever sounded, and they did Seconds from Dare. I thought, "wow, it would be great to hear them do the whole album", but the audience just didn't get it. Maybe too much a product of it's time? Was thinking Marc Almond could take that group he had at Wiltern's last summer on the road for Torment & Toreros. Would be IMMENSE.

D2--actually liked RCM a lot. The Ronson choice seems like a band retreating to rock when the funk didn't work out the way they wanted, and another big name producer? When will they, Madonna, and the rest get it through their heads that coming up with original and unknown producers is what got them noticed in the first place?

Sorry for the length. You had lots of thoughts...I had lots of responses.

xolondon said...

No worries. Usually it's me saying "Sorry for the length."



countpopula said...

After a quick trawl through the Tori samples, I actually am rather impressed, so maybe you wanna give it another shot. Sounds like it could be the best set since at least Scarlet's Walk. The only ones I found a bit not-my-taste were Strong Black Vine and Not Dying Today, but maybe when I hear the whole thing, I'll change my mind. It just didn't sound like the kind of music her audience would generally go for. That being said, there is more Venus-like production at hand, and Flavor, Maybe California, Mary Jane, and Ophelia sounded quite cool and can only be by her.

Thanks for setting the expectations low so I was not disappointed. HA!

xolondon said...

It seems sort of synthy, which I did not expect.

Brad said...

I refuse to believe that that is not Nicola Roberts.

La Roux is like buying the organic chocolate bar because the packaging is phenomenal only to find that the contents are flavorless.

D'luv said...

WHO is still throwing money at Duran Duran to record music??

Myfizzypop said...

that's quite the mix tape and a half. some observations before i am late to work!

Annie's Anthonio - i really like it but i sense that Annie is not going to happen for whatever reason. Which is a bit devastating but hopefully we will get one more album out of her :(

SEB/Freemasons - must be coming soon, the DJ at my local keeps playing a blinding mix of it which i am assuming is the official single version cos it's different to the myspace leak last year.

Lucas Mire needs to pour his love into his new album and release it pronto!

Jonas Bros - i have it on good authority that one of them gave a dude a good eye fucking recently!

I think Little Boots is about to "happen" in the UK and about bloody time. Frankmusic seems not to have connected as much but i am not writing him off just yet. MAybe he should tone down on the wanky interviews though?!

Ooo am checking out Del Marquis now thanks to the Halo James reference. God i loved that band!

Share your La Roux sentiments!

I've just added Force Behind The Power by Diana Ross to my playlist. I am so sappy!

xolondon said...


...don't count on much, bitches.

DanProject76 said...

It's already been said many times, bah, but Tori looks like Ginger Girl Aloud. I will try to resist the song clips. Yeah right!

SEB is making a video for Freemasons song this week or next week or something.

Right, back to my sleepy biscuit eating!

babs said...

No, don't go to the meth-like addiction of Twitter.
Oh well.

Loved the Jonas Brothers bit.

Also, I am saddened that I will likely see the Zac Efron movie because that is as deep as I can go right now. And, he may have a shot of real-life after he breaks free from the Mouse Mafia. And annoyingly, he has talent.

daavid said...

XO, weren't you going to do an early review of Antigoneland? Still gonna happen? :)

xolondon said...

Maybe on the weekend.

Adem With An E said...

Is it true Annie's "re-jigging" some of the songs for the album to have more of a disco feel? I hope so.

I think, now that she's going to go back to doing things on an indie level, she may just be able to survive... The album DOES need to come out soon though.