April 28, 2009

Maybe California, maybe not.

Spinner.com is offering a free legal MP3 of Tori Amos's new ballad Maybe California. The track is a big John Philip Shenale-conducted epic. Not bad by any means, but it's no Gold Dust or 10,000 Oceans for sure. If you download it, you'll also get a small surprise regarding the artist and album title...

Tori Amos Maybe California:

The accompanying visualette (sigh) is a variation on the Welcome To England video. Which begs the question: Are all the visualettes (cough) going to be Robotic Stepford Tori traipsing listlessly around various locales in extreme couture? This video does have some beautiful images in its final moments, but I yearn for the overalls-wearing Tori who was able to move her facial muscles enough to show us her dimples. She was real. This girl is not.

Over the last few albums, I feel like Tori is really putting up a wall between her fans and her true self. She performs in "character" and does videos like this. Interviews are pretty serious, so we don't get a sense of who she is now. Maybe that's natural - Tori is not the first to do it, but it makes her less interesting to me. I don't care what Pip or Clyde thinks, I care what Tori thinks.

The first review of Tori's new album is now up and it's basically a variation on the reviews we've read for the last few albums. More of the same, darklings. Whatever, we'll always have Tori at her full power.


John said...

When did Tori become Yoko Ono in a video?

I'm with you...it's okay, but this is not the Tori we have come to expect. Maybe the "blazing your own path without a record company" idea isn't such a great thing when you don't have an A&R person there to say "but is this what your fans are waiting for?"

xolondon said...

The song is pretty, but the lyrics are a little whack. It IS about a discernible topic - one mother trying to convince another not to kill herself. But the same thing always happens - even if a song is good, it gets lost in the 18 tracks.

As far as we can tell, Tori seems to have had full control for many years, which worked well for her for a long time. I'd love to know in what context her last two labels said "No" to her.

Michael said...

It's pretty but not very memorable.

mr mclean said...

i was not a fan of doll posse, beekeeper had a handful that will always be on my fav tori list. so far, sin is sounding like more posse. scarlets walk and back will definitely be her golden time, unless she re-evaluates. i definitely agree that she is somewhat alienating her fans with the whole character thing. :(

DanProject76 said...

It's a nice enough song, I like it, but the bloody video links won;t play for me.

Oh well. The Welcome To London one was a bit meh!

Still looking forward to the album.