April 29, 2009

Beth Ditto: Ah, ah, ah, ah, oh, woah, yeah-oh, yeah-oh

has Heavy Cross, the new discopoprock song by The Gossip. I love Beth Ditto. I've seen her live once and her voice is a power of nature. It has thrust. Plus, she's real; she's neither censored nor canned. I hope she stays that way. Rock swami Rick Rubin has anointed her the future of rock music, but this new tune fortunately does not bear his rootsy stamp. She's from Arkansas - do foreigners know how to say that? - and Southern girls are either horrific or fabulous. Beth is the latter.

UPDATE: Rick Rubin DID produce the record. See their recent Twitterview.

A few freebies: If you've never seen her performing I Will Always Love You in her Dolly getup, check this out.
And be sure to peruse her Steven Klein spread in Pop Magazine...


Michael said...

Rockin' song

Matt Microfilm said...

Yeah, the new song is good. The Fred Falke remix is even better!

We're (that is Microfilm is) *supposedly* going to be remixing the next single from the new Gossip album. We're Portland neighbors with them and have been chatting with Nathan (the guy/guitarist in the band)and he's giving us the parts to do the remix v. soon (supposedly. lol) so we will make Beth take on an electro-goddess side-career!