March 4, 2009

Will Young's final single?

His final CD single. Yes, no more CD artwork you can take into bed with you. But the good news is that Let It Go is, as we already know, a masterpiece.

There are just 5,000 copies and it's available here. Act fast. The tracklist:

1) Let It Go (radio edit, this song was already on my Top 20 for 2008)
2) You Don't Know (live at Cadogan Hall, gorge)
3) Help Me (superb Joni Mitchell cover, live at Cadogan Hall)

iTunes UK also has a live version. Next up SHOULD be I Won't Give Up, if there is a God.

This is Will doing Let It Go on British morning TV earlier this week. It looks lip synced, but it's not - it's live:

What a voice. It's amusing how much trouble he has with the camera. At one point he appears to smile because of it (during a serious part of the song - 2:37-:47). Here is an
alternate performance on another show.

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Michael said...

I wish the singles had done better. I would love a nice lengthy Freemasons remix of I Won't Give Up.