March 18, 2009

Tori Amos: Welcome To England

Tori Amos Welcome To England:

It does not sound like Doll Posse II, thank God(dess). Parts of it remind me of
Girl. My only complaint is the vocal on the second verse ("Heels on...") - that cranky voice she often does.

Welcome to England, he said
Welcome to my world

You better bring your own sun, sweet girl
You gotta bring your own sun

Not bad!


Matt said...

I still don't like the cover on this AT ALL.

a) she looks like Allyson Hannigan from Buffy and not like herself

b) the distressed typeface looks totally cheap. The photo is nicely shot but it looks like it was put together by a college freshman in Design 101.

xolondon said...

Regarding b, it probably was.

DanProject76 said...

Moment alert! My first Tori new album song moment has just gone well, thanks. Loved it. Phew!

xolondon said...

Very few comments on this. Hmmmmm. Does that bode poorly?

countpopula said...

Sorry, didn't have time to comment on this earlier today. If this is the direction of the new album, it's the first time I can say I am excited about a Tori record since To Venus & Back. While the Scarlet's Walk period produced some real nice songs, there wasn't much edge to the arrangements, and Beekeeper seemed even more bland, while Doll Posse had some great moments in a sea of whiplash emotions (not too keen on the angry side either). I just played Little Earthquakes for the first time in a few years, and realized how truly amazing she was when she broke through with that album. While I don't think Tori is really capable of winning hordes of new fans at this point, this song had a welcome urgency coupled with some sonic exploration (nice treated vocals, drum & synth manipulations, etc.) Plus the song is pretty immediate--more than "Bouncing off Clouds" or "Sweet the Sting". Can't wait to hear the rest!

Matt said...

Oh I actually really liked alot of Doll Posse!! I like my Tori weird and craaaaaazy! I'd rather hear 'Fat S***' then anything off Beekeeper's Snoozefest.