March 23, 2009

Maria Taylor, just like that

Maria Taylor Time Lapse Lifeline:

Maria Taylor's "people" call her music alt-folk, but a song as hooky as Time Lapse Lifeline is pop, pure and simple. Don't get too distracted by the girls-on-a-spree video, this tune stands on its own. She deserves a hit with this one.

On a personal note, my birthday was fast and followed by a tragedy. I don't want to be mysterious: a great, longtime friend died suddenly. Sadly, I discovered that music cannot soothe everything - sometimes it's useless. This song isn't a heavy ballad, but it has a line that resonates -

Oh we dream a life
It was just like that, was just like that
And just like that, and just like that it's done


Michael said...

My sympathy for the loss of your friend.

Poster Girl said...

Exactly the same as Michael.

zen~ said...

Sorry to hear about your loss....many sympathies.