March 2, 2009

If I see a light flashing

After a good 2 years of making withering comments about Scottish producer/artist Calvin Harris, I can now say I am obsessed with his new single I'm Not Alone. It's bathhouse NRG disco with a folky vocal melody- a sort of expansive moodswing.

Hear I'm Not Alone now on Calvin's myspazz

A birdy who's met him in person tells me Mr. Harris is a tall drink of water.


Paul said...

Yeah, i didn't like him either and now I do. Go figure. I'm so fickle. (I love that expression by the way - tall drink of water!)

Yuяi said...

I really like "Dance Wiv Me" even though it's not 100% Calvin. (The Calvin part is my current ringtone. I know, that's so last year.)

The new song is fantabulous.