March 9, 2009

Contemplating Bridgette

VV who? My head is turned toward a new soul vocalist, Bridgette Amofah. Stunningly beautiful, with substantial tunes. You really believe her voice.

Play her at
myspace - pay attention to the demo for Je M'appelle Me.

Bridgette has recently been playing shows with
Mr. Hudson, whom you'll also know much more about by summer. Let's hope she gets a full album out in 2009. Her double a-side debut single What It Takes / Not Your Style is out now on iTunes worldwide (see links on myspace).


D'luv said...

She has a nice mouth.

Paul said...

ooo i'm off to see Mr Hudson at the Scala so thanks for the heads up. i can now enjoy the support act fully :) Not quite as excited as girls aloud opening for Coldplay but she has an amazing voice and powerful tunes. Love.

Michael said...

Liked that a lot. Another good suggestion from this blog.

xolondon said...

I should add that this is press-release free! I found her via Mr. Hudson's blog.

D'luv, you'd say "nice mouth" about a hole in the partition of a public restroom, you LA tramp.