March 26, 2009

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Simple Minds Rockets:

Simple Minds
chugging new single Rockets is an odd case: the verses are much stronger than the chorus. It's still pretty catchy and not too cheap sounding, as these affairs often are (can you imagine what Spandau's new music will sound like?) This band have been releasing music nonstop since 1977 and have a new CD out on May 25 called Graffiti Soul. There was much ballyhoo last year when the Jim (ex Mr Hynde/Mr Kensit) Kerr announced he was reforming the original lineup. Well, booyouwhores, it lasted ten seconds before he brought in other players. You can take the boy out of Scotland, but you can't return 'im. The new album sounds like it will be more modern rock/pop versus anything electronic. It was mixed by Bob Clearmountain, who mixed their seminal Once Upon A Time in 1985.

I won't overstate my love for Simple Minds: I only own two albums and a smattering of other tunes, but I love Jim's voice. When I was a freshman, a chick from Jersey who lived in my dorm insisted I looked like Jim Kerr. May be the eyes, but I don't see it...

Top Ten Plus One Simple Minds Songs

you can tell my age here - I was into the mid-80's rock/pop stuff

Don't You (Forget About Me)
Alive And Kicking
See The Lights
Sanctify Yourself
Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)
This Is Your Land
Let It All Come Down
Speed Your Love To Me
Once Upon A Time
Belfast Child

I always thought Streisand could have blown people's minds by doing a big grand version of the big grand Let It All Come Down. And did you know Jim Kerr runs his own hotel in Taormina, Italy? It's called Villa Angela and it looks a little Scarface-tastique in its interiors...


Michael said...

Nice to see them still around. I used to love Simple Minds.

My List

Alive And Kicking
Promised You A Miracle
Speed Your Love To Me
Glittering Prize
Up On The Catwalk
Big Sleep
Take A Step Back
Mandela Day
See The Lights
Don't You (Forget About Me)

Michael said...

That was a bit boring. I was super psyched to hear about the original lineup back together and am disappointed to find it didn't work out.

Stephen, you should check out "Sons & Fascination" (and it's companion "Sister Feelings Call"), and then "Empires & Dance" - less of the wannabe U2 stadium pomp & more of the synth-y art rock thing.

D'luv said...

XO, if you never checked out "Promised You A Miracle," do so! It was early on for them. My mom taped it off the radio in '83, and it reminds me so much of that year and spending the hours drawing with Crayola magic markers!

In spring 1991, I was very curious at how American got slightly behind "See The Lights," enabling it to just barely make the U.S. Top 40.

This song is dull. The guitar (keyboard?) hook is more of a draw than the chorus.

D'luv said... American RADIO got slightly behind "See The Lights"..that should have read.

countpopula said...

Ditto Promised You a Miracle. I would have to add New Gold Dream and Waterfront. Actually...all of New Gold Dream & Sparkle in the Rain. Two great albums right before SM took over the US (briefly). They could have so easily been U2.

babs said...

Apparently, I was a mild Simple Minds fan as I never had any of the albums and liked the main songs:
--Don't, Alive and Kicking and Sanctify Yourself. Though I get tired of hearing

As what that Jersey girl said, I could see maybe the eyes and the slightly floppy hair. But that's about it.