March 10, 2009

Abnormally attracted to...

Botox? No, I'm being a dick. She really does look great. It's a beautiful, iconic album image, but the designer should be shaved from head to toe for using that makeshift font. Am I right? I know a certain reader Richard will be disgusted by that small detail.

Here is the "sinful" tracklist:

1. Give
2. Welcome to England
3. Strong Black Vine
4. Flavor
5. Not Dying Today
6. Maybe California
7. Curtain Call
8. Fire to Your Plain
9. Police Me
10. That Guy
11. Abnormally Attracted to Sin
12. 500 Miles
13. Mary Jane
14. Starling
15. Fast Horse
16. Ophelia
17. Lady in Blue

I see Tori has not taken my advice about album lengths, but it doesn't matter because this is what she had to say about opposition to gay marriage:
Why do you have to have anybody else in your bedroom if you're a consenting adult? That is the need people have right now, it seems, to dictate to another person how they should live there life. I find that the greatest sin of all.
Tori's still on the rampage against the darker side of organized religion. Thank God for her (haw haw).

Source: Spinner


Brad said...

Oh my God--I didn't know Nicola came out with a solo album!


But seriously, the cheap Photoshop borders are really hurting my face.

xolondon said...

She shot her last album cover in her backyard, literally, so this was probably done on her damned daybed!

KulPop said...

I met Tori a few years back and was taken aback a bit about how beautiful she was up close. I had never thought she was that good looking but in person she certainly was.



DanProject76 said...

Oh yeah! I am having a Tori Month where I am playing everything from the beginning onwards. Been listening to concerts at work, and loved a bit today where she told the Manchester audience about how Morrissey was a dickhead to her so she would not be covering his songs.

Looks like she is still into her wigs.

Tricky said...

Makeshift! Too true. That typeface says nothing remotely sin-like to me. Such a shame given the loveliness of the photograph otherwise. Doesn't a personal album title like that scream desperately that it needs something handwritten? just a thought!


Yuяi said...

So, Hayden Panettiere has a new album coming out?

xolondon said...

She does look like Hayden there!