February 13, 2009

XOvision: Return of West End Girls

West End Girls Little Black Dress:

West End Girls new single, written by Pet Shop Boys. I love the dreamy middle eight [see what I did there?], which arrives early in the song, around 1:40. The wickedly titled Shoplifters album is out in Spring. You may remember that last year they did a terrific cover of What Have I Done To Deserve This.

Kudos to PJ Forums.


Yuяi said...

I had no idea you liked their cover of "What Have I Done To Deserve This". That was a great cover!

I think the girls' sound is what I was expecting for Love Etc. I have grown to love Love Etc anyways, but "Little Black Dress" is quite rad.

xolondon said...

Of course! I have their first CD and love it. The whole concept is brillllliant.

Love Etc does not hold up as a single, IMO. Decent track, but a mistake. At least until the remixes.

Myfizzypop said...

oh i am adoring Love, Etc as a single! But i am very easily pleased. You have taste and scruples. I am won over by football chanting.

This is also very brilliant. i just purchased the japanese import of their debut album for a mere £11 at HMV so i am catching up with their aceness. I wish they would stop telling people the Pet Shop Boys wrote it for them though. That was just one press release though...

D'luv said...

Gosh, I haven't heard this since one of my co-workers once clipped me a disc of the PSB demos from Closer To Heaven back in....December 2001?!?!

Speaking of which, the version of "Closer To Heaven" (the song) from that is infintely better than the one on Nightlife. It was included on the two-disc edition of Release, I believe?

"Love etc."....you don't think it holds up as a single?? I tend to agree with Paul on this one. I think it's a great single, and later when hindsight kicks in for everyone, it'll be regarded as a classic.

In my opinion, the ones that didn't hold up as singles were more like "Home and Dry", "Single" and "Before."

xolondon said...

Nope to Love Etc. Not as a single. But it will sound good on a compilation.

Before is GENIUS. It just sort of floated out on its own, well before 9(haha) the album.

Matt Microfilm said...

Since its a little know PSB song, 'Little Black Dress' makes West End Girls sound like a REAL pop band and not kareoke.

Love etc. I listened to it now a couple times. Eh, its ounds like a demo to me. The music is sooo rudimentary. It's like an album track everyone skips over, something from the 2nd side of Nightlife. I can't believe this is the LEAD single!

daavid said...

I totally agree with Matt, except it's not just that it's a little known track. You can tell they've made an effort in making it sound more modern this time. It's got some work put into it... unlike "Goes Petshopping".

Re Love, etc. It may not be single material, but it has some charm to it. A classic "grower "