February 3, 2009

XOvision: Can't seem to let Bareilles go

Sara Bareilles Gravity:

Years on - this was one of my Top Songs of 2007 - Bareilles continues to flog her debut album, though this song is truly worthy. Look / listen for the sublime vocal moment at around 2:45. I can assure you that if you attempt to belt this bit in your car, you will surely choke and almost run off the road. What's going on with the video though? I cannot actually see anything it's so dark.

The Cocknbullkid
I'm Not Sorry:

I didn't love her first single, but this tune is better. Thumb down, thumb up, we'll see what comes next. I think she needs a bigger budget or she teeters on "I could do that in my basement."

James Yuill No Surprise:

Yuill is very Erlend Oye, isn't he? Or Sebastien Tellier. Or any number of electro noodlers now trying to do pop music. This one is pleasant enough, jaunty even, but let me warn you that your speakers are fine. The first 30 seconds is inexplicably devoid of any sound. Brilliant move on the part of the director, as everyone will close their browsers before the music starts.

Gary Go Wonderful:

I am very concerned. Very. Concerned.* That Gary Go is the new James Morrison slash Adam Levine. The video is well-done and the song is not terrible (I worry you may like it), but it's derivative and his other tunes are pablum. This will likely be huge - the Big Machine wants to make him a star.

*well, not reallllly


Myfizzypop said...

Gary Go supported The Feeling on tour and i remember not being particularly impressed. I had just been elbowed in the cheek though by some skinny malinky in jeans and a silk scarf. Probably Dan!

xolondon said...

Dan Gillespie? No, I think that was Paul from FizzyPop! Paul, fess up.

Mr. Will-W. said...

Yes Yes Yes! This video and song are gorgeous; after having put the song away for 7 months and revisiting it yesterday, it still brings a tear to my eye. The timing is perfect since there will be renewed interest in with the Grammy exposure. Just when I was giving up hope.... :')



Unknown said...

Gravity should have been released instead of the doomed Bottle It Up.

xolondon said...

I agree - Bottle It Up was too much like Love Song. This would have gone over with the Grey's Anatomy crowd!