February 21, 2009

Tori's brilliant new album title

Abnormally Attracted To Sin

Tori Amos Pretty Good Year:

I've never given Tori Amos justice on this blog because my relationship to her music became more complicated at about the same time I started the blog. To say that I was obsessed with her at certain points is mild. Especially from 1992 to about 2002.This morning I finally succumbed to one of those Facebook15 albums thingies, but mine was 50 albums (15? please!) and included Tori's Under The Pink, a perfect perfect record.

Above is a video for one of its best songs. How beautiful she was then. Still is, but that video is a moment of youth. And although we thought her music was heavily reminiscent of Kate Bush at that time, she is a complete original. I wish someone would come along with a combination talent (Tori's veers toward genius), beauty, quirkiness and fierceness. She is a major advocate for many she views as disenfranchised and I don't see that too much in pop music today, at least not in younger artists.

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John said...

I'm very eager to see how the rollout of this CD goes, with the video clips for each track. While I love just about everything she's done, "Scarlet's Walk" is probably my favorite.

DanProject76 said...

Looking forward, as usual. Hoping it'll be shorter than the last few albums as she suffered from lack-of-editor syndrome a bit with great tracks buried among some average tunes.

zen~ said...

Yes, I too thought Tori a bit of a Kate-clone early in her career, but she truly is a musical individual, hard to pin down genre-wise, musically.

My real 'problem' with her is that most of her albums have been patchy at best. The most cohesive album, surprisingly, is 'Strange Little Girls'...showing how adept Tori is at re-interpreting other peeps music.

I generally find Tori best (and most appreciative) in single doses, and there have been some amazing (non-dance) remixes of some of her tracks. There is a 'Raspberry Swirl' remix (Scarlet Spectrum Feels? Name escapes me right now...) that is utterly stunning, and with the only true 'Kate-sounding Moment' ("...and she swirls, she swirls....").

I've always wanted Tori to work with a producer the calibre of William Orbit. Her voice demands a dreamy and ethereal soundscape, with just that bit if grit underneath.

Anonymous said...

wow i somehow never knew "pretty good year" even had a video despite it being one of my fave tori songs... i suddenly feel like such a bad fan

thanks for posting

countpopula said...

I totally sympathize with your Tori geekdom! The first two albums I heard when I moved across the US 15 years ago were Pet Shop Boys "Very", and Tori Amos "Little Earthquakes", and both are easily still in my list of top albums of all time. Not only was LE a stellar album, but the B-sides were of such high quality! "Flying Dutchman", "Upside Down", "Take to the Sky", "Here in my Head"--songs that would be better than most people's album songs.

Running close second for me would be From the Choirgirl Hotel with To Venus & Back a close third. I really love the sonic experimentation coupled with her writing on these records, and she was really pushing herself artistically. TVAB tends to get very short shrift, and I believe it is mostly due to its unfortunate coupling with a second album of live songs. The live album was great, but it probably should have been separated. "Spark", "Concertina", and "1000 Oceans" are three of her best singles, and "Juarez", "Lust", and "Suede" seethe with atmosphere. Choirgirl is even better. It's a shame she went back to such acoustically framed production on Scarlet's Walk. It is a lovely record, but it loses some of that mysterious atmosphere she had been building. Beekeeper was the first and only album so far I have actually found somewhat disappointing. That orange knickers song was obtuse but not great. "Ireland" wasn't any better.

American Doll Posse was a slight return, but again, the production was a bit flat and in need of some *space*. That may be unfixable, as Tori is now producer. Maybe someone could help a bit more in the mixing chair. Her husband/mixer/producer has tended to smooth out a lot of the angles in her music.

This is way more than I wanted to say...I'll stop...

Michael Green said...

Ah gorgeous.I needed that. So great to see again. I'm gonna play Under The Pink at work tomorrow.

xolondon said...

I felt the inclusion of garden seeds and lockets in one album package was a shark jumper!

Anyway, yes, she works with the same team over and over, so I think it's gotten stale. They have their rituals and they stick to them. There were some serious "sparks" on the last CD, like Teenage Hustling, so we'll see what she does next. At worst, I bet we'll each get 5 or 6 solid tunes from the affair.

Or maybe it will be a major comeback. She is probably prepping in the botox and wig chair as we speak!

countpopula said...

Ugh, those seeds & lockets! I forgot about that junk! Like the map in Scarlet's Walk wasn't enough.

I am always hoping for a big Tori masterpiece. She needs to be more energized in the technological and rockier stuff, and focused in the tender, intimate stuff--she has been prone to wander when she gets quiet. "Girl Disappering" was gorge though. An outside production ear here & there would probably help open things up a bit (Prince anyone?).

Salvador Ali said...

I consider Choirgirl her masterpiece .. if not, at least the most cohesive.

I had the privilege of meeting her once during the "Plugged 98" tour. I thought she was really shy, quiet and not that excited about doing the meet-and-greet. But she did seem magical, as others have said.

I brought along a rather abrasive friend who said "You're short!" when she came up to us. She was not amused, and so the photo we have with her has a very forced smirk. I kicked his ass after that (and we're no longer friends).

babs said...

LE is one of my faves. I would put it her best, and then either Choirgirl or Under the Pink.

Yep, I was big into her around the same time, saw her twice and then after To Venus and Back, I waned a bit.
Am going to need to do the album thing.