February 10, 2009

Love is here, love is here

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - aka La Bex - has spawned two months early. A 2lb 10oz boy. Her demanding fans will probably say, "Good! Bitch can get back on the treadmill and release her video sooner!" Sophie's pictured above with her first child, the pubescent teen Richard Jones. Her other child, Sonny, is notable for being, at 5 years old, more effortlessly indie-cool than I have ever been. Evidence below.


Dan said...

I think he and Anna should get together - they both know how to do dark glasses.

daavid said...

WTF, that's her son???

xolondon said...

No, that was a joke. The top pic is of her husband Richard Jones. Trivia: I once walked by Richard laying ill on a sofa in a Borders in Arlington Virginia. Odd eh?

Brad said...

Two MONTHS early? Good gravy. Well, you're right...Bitch better get back to work.

Just teasing.

But seriously, the new work sounds amazing.

Myfizzypop said...

aw another effortlessly cool ellisbextorjones offspring for the world :) Hope the baby gets bigger and healthy soon :)

Was watching the feeling dvd yesterday. Wimpy richard got a nose bleed from returning to the high altitude of the alps. that is so me.